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  1. Dehere

    Race horse deaths

    The board can’t but the governor can. Well-placed friend in racing outside of CA says it’s now a prevalent belief that’s what will happen.
  2. Dehere

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    On the video the shooter appears to have an unobstructed path to Papi. Seems incredibly lucky that Ortiz was not killed on the spot. ESPN reporting the surgeon says he’s “out of the danger zone”
  3. Dehere

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    Add the home runs into the balls in play and it won’t change the larger point. Extreme occurrences are always exciting. Night in, night out I feel like the current version of the game is less enjoyable than it was a generation ago.
  4. Dehere

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    For me it’s not the increase in HRs by itself, it’s the increase in the three true outcomes coupled with slower pace of play. In a typical game this season you’ve got basically 50 plate appearances that don’t result in one of the three true outcomes in a three hour game. That’s a playable ball...
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Massive respect for Kawhi’s relentlessness. Felt like that was the difference.
  6. Dehere

    Derby anyone?

    As soon as the horse dumped his rider he became a Did Not Finish. It’s rare that you see what happened today but it does happen. I once saw a horse dump the rider and then lead wire-to-wire because, guess what, they run a little easier when they don’t have 126 pounds sitting on their back...
  7. Dehere

    Derby anyone?

    I think Saez’s version of the story has a lot of credibility. It’s not uncommon for riders to talk - in a positive way - about turning for home in a Triple Crown race and hitting a wall of noise. It’s a unique thing. When the horses are on the backside it’s remarkably quiet (I watched the 2016...
  8. Dehere

    Derby anyone?

    Kinda surprised to read this as it seems like for the most part the people who are closest to the game have been supportive of the DQ. Hope I post this correctly. This I think is the conclusive look at the interference. Game Winner in the Preakness. He ran unbelievable yesterday.
  9. Dehere

    The Rosen Thread

    Fun game a long way off: Miami plays at Arizona in 2020
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    Re-setting the AFC

    I would view Cleveland’s schedule pretty favorably. Their own division is average, they could go 3-1 against the AFC East and their tough NFC games are at home (SEA, LAR) with easier ones on the road (AZ, SF). The pitfall I guess is that the first third of their schedule is the toughest part...
  11. Dehere

    2019 Masters

    Hard to put yesterday into words. For a number of years I’ve thought that someday, while my dad is still healthy enough to get around the course, I should just swallow hard and get us a couple badges for Masters Sunday on the secondary market. A few months back I decided this would be the year...
  12. Dehere

    2019 Masters

    Fired? He’s probably getting Khashoggi’d in Butler Cabin right now.
  13. Dehere

    Boomer & Carton

    Am I overreacting or is it shockingly unprofessional for a federal judge to taunt a defendant before taking his freedom away? And then King relays it like it’s just adorably clever. Not to say Carton doesn’t deserve the sentence itself.
  14. Dehere

    And they ask why MLB attendance has been decreasing

    Another factor: no new ballparks. MLB went through a 25 year period during which new ballparks were opening at a rate of roughly one per year. We’ve had just one new ballpark in the last seven years and it’s a ho-hum park in a ho-hum baseball market. As great as the new crop of parks are, the...
  15. Dehere

    Elite 8 Thread

    I mean, it *was* fluky but Purdue banked in a three to be in position to win. Hard game to say the right team won or lost.
  16. Dehere

    Is 100 Years long enough? The Shoeless Joe Thread.

    I think the coming spread of legal gambling is actually a good reason not to show any lenience to SJJ. It would send a pretty poor message to today’s players to suggest anything less than zero tolerance for fixing results.
  17. Dehere

    Gronk announces his retirement

    Don’t know if it’s been said but props to Gronk for making the call well prior to the draft. Last year, for example, Witten retired on May 3.
  18. Dehere

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    Mild criticism of CBS: we never saw a reply of the missed lob. What the fuck? That was the pivotal play of the game.
  19. Dehere

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    Really difficult follow. Can’t fault Dawkins. Man, that missed dunk.... Johnny D now the frontrunner for K’s job? That was a hell of an effort.
  20. Dehere

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    Duke’s got to play straight man here right? High post crushing them when in zone.