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    2017 Gronk: Mojo Gronk

    @GlobeChadFinn Gronk re: Sergio Brown: "He was yappin' at me the whole time. So I took him and threw him out of the club."  
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    Oscar Taveras killed in car accident

    This. Adderall, cocaine, mushrooms... I wonder what else he was doing that evening.
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    Did Boras try to cover up Ramirez's PED use?

    Who is hearing Boras' story out initially? Was this cream so powerful that one usage with a small amount being gently rubbed into your cheeks considerably raises your T levels?
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    NBA 2014-2015 Game Thread

    How dare you question Blacken! Tony Allen for JJ Redick makes zero sense for the Grizzlies. Redick was just signed through his age 34 season at more money than he should have been paid. He's also a horrific defender. It makes absolutely zero sense and we are all dumber for having read the...
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    Woj: Rudy Gay to Sacramento

    I haven't been posting here? Just reading. It was nice to come in this AM and see that you're still the arrogant, cock sucker that I know and love. I didn't think that was board appropriate so I sent it in PM form. If you'd like to do the gambling thing, I'm still all for it because I know...
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    Derrick Rose - Buttery Soft

    Rose taking care of himself does not make him a bad person, but like CP said above, he should have geared his focus on getting healthy for the playoffs and not the post basketball life he's ranting about here.
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    Woj: Rudy Gay to Sacramento

    I don't believe that Toronto's improvement after the Gay trade had anything to do with Rudy Gay. The coaching staff ran the ball through Rudy Gay when he was there, and were forced to change it up when he was traded. Lowry should have been the guy in Toronto even with Gay, and the coaching...
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    Woj: Rudy Gay to Sacramento

    Can't you just admit you were wrong and move on with your day?
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    Celtics trade for Thornton, Zeller and a Pick

    If the game "works" the way you say it does, why is the game played so differently in the playoffs?
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    Trade Deadline Watch: RBs

    Pretty much every running back is replaceable though; the same isn't true about quarterbacks.
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    Oscar Taveras killed in car accident

    Wow. Devastating. He hit a huge homer like a week ago. Unreal.
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    Trade: Joel Anthony for Will Bynum

    Anthony has looked like his competent defensive self this preseason. Not sure Bynum brings much of anything to the table. Both are replaceable.
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    Celtics Interested In Evan Turner?

    Rotoworld: Coach Brad Stevens said Monday that Evan Turner "has to play, whether that's starting or coming off the bench." Stevens has already said that he's going to split Jeff Green's minutes at both SF and PF to help make room for Turner's minutes, and the injury to Rajon Rondo's hand...
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    2015 NBA Draft Thread-Choke For Oak?

    This was from the Doc thread two summers ago and wasn't even some of the more egregious things written about DeAndre Jordan. I would rather have Adam Dunn play for the Celtics than have cap space over DeAndre Jordan.
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    2015 NBA Draft Thread-Choke For Oak?

    Remember when this board was furious about the potential idea of trading for DeAndre Jordan?
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    Let's talk about James Shields

    The Red Sox embarrassed themselves by offering something similar to Lester. Not that they're on the same level but does this get the deal done?