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  1. Bierman9

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Was in Parkesburg PA Sunday night at Victory Brewing Company watching game 6. . After they closed I finished watching at my Airbnb... have some more Victory beer chilling for later... reading this thread, I can't stand up and walk right now.... GO Bs....
  2. Bierman9

    2019 Stanley Cup Final - No Singing the Blues - Boston is Going Back to Backes

    Great to see these game 4 pre-overtime highlights... very rare, yes? Thnx!!!
  3. Bierman9

    Aaron Hernandez: Had Advanced CTE - NEP Sued

    Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction to be reinstated
  4. Bierman9

    Celebrating what is

    Best of luck to you both... My wife and I (married in 1986) had a 2-year hiatus in 2016 and 2017.... but we worked it out and are very happy again. And I'm very happy with the Pats, but she still hates football.. oh well... All the best!!
  5. Bierman9

    Boston Sports Word Association

    1. Game 6 - Fisk in '75, because I watched it. Only heard about '86 while in Belgium on my honeymoon. 2. ____ F#$&ing ____ Dent... grrrrr... 3. #24 Dwight Evans 4. Most hated rival team Tie - Yankees and Canadiens 5. Most hated rival athlete - ARod (BB) Peyton (FB) Ulf (HK) Basketball-? 6...
  6. Bierman9

    Celebrating what is

    Here's hoping!!! Though I always thought decades should start with the xxx1 year and end on the xxX0 year... Prosit!
  7. Bierman9

    2018 Stanley Cup Final- Sin City vs. Vegas

    Indeed... "Sex in a Canoe".... ;)
  8. Bierman9

    RIP Johnny "Pie" Mckenzie...

    Wow... sitting on the stairs amongst the visiting fans... gotta love it!!!
  9. Bierman9

    RIP Johnny "Pie" Mckenzie...

    Sad news... one of the Big Bad Bruins I grew up watching... RIP #19...
  10. Bierman9

    RIP Gil Santos

    Vinatieri? Always thought it was Varitek who split the uprights... ;) Will miss Gil.... class all the way.....
  11. Bierman9

    March NHL News

    I am so jealous of Foster! I played a somewhat decent goalie in high school, then went to BC in '76, with no intent of furthering my play. A relative threatened me with bodily harm if I at least didn't try-out. So I do tryout... and am 1 of only 4 goalies in tryouts - for 4 openings! My luck...
  12. Bierman9

    Patriots vs. Titans Divisional Playoff: The Buildup

    Much obliged.... had the sound off as the Boss and my daughter were present and I was "trying" to keep them happy... ;-)
  13. Bierman9

    Patriots vs. Titans Divisional Playoff: The Buildup

    I just re-read the game thread about the TEN-KC game... regarding the Mariota to Mariota TD.... why no review of whether he was over the line on the pass? Unsure if I saw a definitive answer... Said "over the line" as I watched... apologies if this has been answered and I missed it...
  14. Bierman9

    Big Yaz Bread: Akin to Bigfoot or REAL?

    Your mention of Bigfoot made me think of the Sierra Nevada beer..... but anyhow... And I guess you could have some sausage on his bread... Cheers!
  15. Bierman9

    Sox, Sam Adams Announce Official Partnership

    I'll raise 2! Prosit!!