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  1. Col. Samuel Flagg

    9/12 Game 2 yolo

    “Yankee fans are true baseball fans. Mets’ fans are spectators. Red Sox fans are ticket purchasers.” - Keith McPherson of WFAN. What an asshole. I don’t hate the Yankees as I once did pre 4 World Series wins this century, but I still suffer the entitled Yankee fandom weekly down here behind...
  2. Col. Samuel Flagg

    Trevor Story had surgery on his right UCL and is expected to miss time

    Per SI - Cora not ruling out Story return as DH prior to being ready defensively… log jam at DH.
  3. Col. Samuel Flagg

    RIP Bill Campbell

    His was my first autograph. Got Soup and The Steamer hanging out next to the bull pen pregame while they were warming up in '77. My first time to Fenway... I was 7. Mr. Campbell was very generous and kind. I remember him clearly. Very nice man he was to that 7 year old me. Made my year and I...
  4. Col. Samuel Flagg

    Jason Varitek remains with the organization on a 3-year contract

    His role is one of game planning coordination and assistant bench coach. He's been in the bull pen pregame the last couple games I went to doing warm up drills with Vasquez and some pitchers... Edit: Game planning coordination would equate to a lot of advanced scouting meetings and I would...