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  1. DaveJstice

    Jose Fernandez killed in boating accident

    Devastating news. 24 and gone. Enjoyed watching him pitch and his enthusiasm. Was the perfect guy that South Florida and the Marlins could hang their hat on. With Stanton and Fernandez, it was two great pieces. Listening to the Miami sports radio it's beyond sad to listen to them try to keep it...
  2. DaveJstice

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship (MMA) Thread

    Not quite sure if this is the place for it, however Ken Shamrock will not be facing Kimbo Slice tonight on CBS due to a cut he suffered in training this afternoon.
  3. DaveJstice

    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    Been a good fight. I've got Hatton up one, maybe two points and that's off his knock down in the 1st 10 seconds of the fight. Even fight so far, for the most part.