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  1. DavidTai

    General Offseason Thread.

    They had Christian Wood as an undrafted free agent in 2015, his first year.
  2. DavidTai

    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    The more frustrating thing is that these same idiots would have been saying Chaim overpaid him more than the market would bear, if he came in with the top offer. Hell, that last 'formal' offer seemed like X was about to accept that day, until Preller came out of nowhere.
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    8/20 Beat the MFY

    View: Has anyone seen a definitive picture of the tag?
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    8/20 Beat the MFY

    Next time can't you just say walking inside-the-parker?
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    Defensive Indifference: the Sox's current and future(?) struggles in the field

    I can't see shopping Yoshida if they want to have any hope of signing his ex-teammate.
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    Noah's Arc: Song back, assigned to GVL.

    I can't decide if 'assinged' is a typo, or a play on 'Song'. (Title at time of this post: 'Noah's Arc: Song back, assinged to WooSox') '
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    Rosenthal: Sox Almost Traded Turner, Were In On Verlander

    I think you're just assuming rational actors, when some people are just not rational actors.
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    Rosenthal: Sox Almost Traded Turner, Were In On Verlander

    Considering how people reduce things to binaries like buy or sell, I think selling "hybrid" approach would be taken as "they're covering up their incompetence" instead of "fans are smart enough to understand this approach".
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    The 2023 Trade Deadline: Scenarios

    But will Kate Upton demand the Cy Young that her hubby was robbed of be returned?
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    Trade Deadline Approach

    I dunno, I don't think it was beyond unrealistic to hope all of those guys would bounce back the rest of the way. They DID bounce back, admittedly, but the NEXT season instead of during the season, which is sort of really exasperating. Throw in that I'd think you'd want to have the young...
  11. DavidTai

    Trade Deadline Approach

    Rather than waste my time with the other guy, I'll ask you: Was there a particular advantage to getting under the tax -two years in a row-? It seems obvious they planned to be under the tax this year, so whether they were under the tax last year or not doesn't seem to be of any particular...
  12. DavidTai

    Trade Deadline Approach

    And that defense and baserunning are not a consideration, and that BABIP is of no concern whatsoever. There are multiple facets here but fixating on the main roster and only on that singular period at the trade deadline is beyond shortsighted.
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    Is Connor Wong a starting catcher?

    NM, someone linked the article. Will say, I love that while his arm isn't his greatest strength, what IS elite is his 'accuracy + location'.
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    Trade Deadline Approach

    I'd rather try and consolidate some of the rule 5 candidates, but judging from some proposals, it's a sellers market and I wouldn't trade, say, four pitchers for an infielder when infield will be our strength next year. it's have to be a rental infielder and a longer-term pitcher than the other...
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    2023 MLB Draft

    Seoul is South Korea. From what I can see, the Korean signings is treated as part of the international pool, if the Cards' signing of Won-bin Cho is any indication.
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    July 17 @ A's

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    General Offseason Thread.

    The second round picks exemption don't count towards the MLE, which allows teams to sign their second rounder picks longer than they used to. Previously, they could only sign them to two years contract, and to sign them longer meant using part of the MLE. A 2nd rounder can be signed to 4 years...
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    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Could, but hasn't. His Twitter seems suspiciously light of anyone giving him flak about it.
  19. DavidTai

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Has Kiley McDaniel ever revisited the Masataka Yoshida 'sources' and analysis since then?