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    camps and other preseason stuff

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    camps and other preseason stuff

    HOCKEY! BOSTON BRUINS 2023 ROOKIE CAMP AND PROSPECTS CHALLENGE ROSTER Forwards: Joey Abate, John Beecher, Julien Beland (invite), John Farinacci, Ty Halaburda (invite), Curtis Hall, Brett Harrison, Trevor Kuntar, Fabian Lysell, Adam Mechura (invite), Georgii Merkulov, Owen Pederson, Matt...
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    2023 Tennis

    one of them glued his feet to the ground. View:
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    2023 Tennis

    yep View: @mattmajendie Three protestors stood up and started chanting “end fossil fuels”. Two have been ejected, one remains in his seat surrounded be security. Near 15-minute delay to this match now.
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    Unusual plays

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    Patrice Bergeron Retires

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    Mouse Stuttering When Gaming

    this is likely a dumb question but is it possible it's actually the keyboard that's getting things gummed up and the mouse stuttering is just a symptom of that? Like does it always happen when you'd be moving the camera with keystrokes and moving the mouse (for example)? I ask because I assume...
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    Bruins Offseason

    here's a free link from I think
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    Mouse Stuttering When Gaming

    cheers to a little progress at least? and potentially a hint to hone in on the chip for more trouble shooting? that's way above my pay grade though.
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    Mouse Stuttering When Gaming

    I wish I was in front of my computer so I could be more exact (also because it means I would be playing BG3 instead of working but that's not important right now) so instead I'll be descriptive When I launch BG3 there's an option to run using 2 different things under the "play" button. I think...
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    Realignment 2023: Whither the Pac12?

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    Bruins Offseason

    @FlutoShinzawa Jeremy Swayman’s arbitration hearing has concluded. Award is expected within 48 hours.
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    Summer 2023 NHL News (Offseason?) Thread

    something big must be about to come out about Alex Galchenyuk View: View:
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    SoSH Challenge: Predict the New Yankee Hitting Coach

    If nothing else he'll probably make sure they all run to first base View:
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    2023 College Basketball coaching carousel

    Bob Huggins: Not so fast my friend View: @HoppyKercheval Breaking: Former WVU head basketball coach Bob Huggins sends letter to WVU demanding reinstatement or he will sue. Claims he never resigned.
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    6/29 vs MIA - It's Never Enough

    The pop up from the first batter landed near it and I cycled between catcher's mask, shoe, glove, and batting glove the more I looked at it.