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  1. keyalyn

    Evaluating Travis Shore

    Check your numbers. He had a career .754OPS in the winter of 2016-2017. It wasn't until after last season when he had a career .801OPS. Additionally, his .726OPS in 2016 was the 3rd worst among qualifying 3B, making Shaw a bottom-tier starting 3B in the winter of 2016-2017.
  2. keyalyn

    Dombrowski: SP likely from FA. Which should we sign?

    I expect he'd have gotten more. He and Samardzija have performed pretty much the same over the past few years; about league average in 2012 and 2013, career years in 2014, and well below expectations last season. Samardzija accumulated less WAR in those years and is 4 years older, but managed...
  3. keyalyn

    Greatest Last Season Team

    Billy Wagner (7-2, 1.43, 275 ERA+, 37 SV) 2010 ATL
  4. keyalyn

    Hall of Fame balloting

    Its about 851IP, and those extra innings aren't impressive. Glavine had an 89ERA+ in his first 646IP, and a 91ERA+ in his last 263.2IP. So 909IP with a ~90ERA+. Adding on a bunch of sub league average innings isn't impressive.   As far as signature seasons, Mussina had more than twice as many...
  5. keyalyn

    Hall of Fame balloting

    Why do so many people here have Glavine on their ballots over Mussina? Glavine pitched longer (though the first and last few year of his career were below league average), but Mussina was a superior pitcher in virtually every metric. Glavine will end up in the hall before Mussina due to the...
  6. keyalyn

    Peter Abraham .... Take 3

    Lots of websites have used those arbitration estimates from MLBTradeRumors. He may have looked at your post to find information, or more likely a site like Baseball Reference that has compiled the same information to make their estimated payroll figures. BR has the Sox at $96.3M before the...
  7. keyalyn

    Let's talk about Michael Pineda

    The overall range of his velocity was more or less the same, but that graph shows an obvious decrease in his average FB velocity. He was at or above 95 in 7 of his first 14 starts, but only 2 of his last 14. He may have reached back to throw one in the high 90s every so often in games in the...