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  1. hellborn

    July 26 Braves@Fenway

    He’s the LeBron of MLB.
  2. hellborn

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    I don’t miss Schroder.
  3. hellborn

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    That was a clean block on James.
  4. hellborn

    Game 7: Knowing More Than Who Our Parents Were

    Yeah if P.J. Tucker scores 44 Celtics lose this. Not happening.
  5. hellborn

    5/12: Clip Their Wings

    She needs to steal one from STL to even it out.
  6. hellborn

    Game 6: The Beginning of Philly's End

    Celtics running and active on D - Embiid gonna be gassed
  7. hellborn

    Game 6: The Beginning of Philly's End

    Doris sounding less Sixer biased so far.
  8. hellborn

    Game 5: Sixers at Boston: Lobster Rolls > Cheese Steaks

    Tatum will get it together and the Celtics will win this game.
  9. hellborn

    Game 3: Celtics@Sixers

    Sixers ft 12-12 celtics 2-2
  10. hellborn

    3/11 Celtics @ Hawks

    Trae Young seems to not suck at least
  11. hellborn

    3/8 vs. Trail Blazers

    There’s something wrong with the HULU live feed for NBC Sports Boston. My feed is stuck at 17 minutes. I had to switch over to the NBC Sports app to watch.
  12. hellborn

    Poll: Who Will Play the Most Games at Shortstop for the '23 Red Sox?

    I love Iglesias. He’s played well for the Sox in both of his stints here. Bring him back as a backup sometime starter.
  13. hellborn

    Robert Williams, Season 5: Warping the Space-Time Continuum

    Man also hits his free throws, which doesn't’ t get enough love. I recalled him nailing his ft’s in the playoffs when some other guys weren’t, and looked it up: 25/28 for an .893 FT%
  14. hellborn

    Commentator evaluation: Joe Buck

    Some people look cool with a beard, but whenever Joe Buck tries it he looks between jobs, or like he’s been cast in a movie where his character is coming off a three day bender. I kind of like this about him, so I’ll rate him higher than I would otherwise. 3.
  15. hellborn

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - Divisional Round

    He’s like Wilford Brimley in the “diabeetus” commercial.
  16. hellborn

    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    Jimi Hendrix