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    How do you feel about your club?

    Don't get me wrong, I am quite familiar with who the GB are. It's just that their salty banner, shouting into a void, printed in a borderline unreadable font is the only thing I can imagine looking forward to this season. And to keep the thread on track Celtic: -67/10(iar)
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    How do you feel about your club?

    100 days without a manager. No idea who will even be in the squad, but looking forward to see how the Green Brigade tears the shit out of the board once fans come back.
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    Celtic 2014-15: Exit Red Thunder

    Caught most of it. Celtic totally dominated, could have easily been 9-0. Pukki looked very good, but that could be more the quality of the opposing side than him showing an improvement in Deila's system.
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    June 5th 6pm: MLB Draft Game Thread

    Roid freak? More like poutine freak
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    Celtic 2013-14: O Brother Where Art Thou?

    I have a sneaking suspicion Mo Bangura won't be all that welcome back at Celtic Park when this loan spell ends