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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    I agree that Dest was poor, but it also looked to me like El Salvador was determined to take him out of the game. A number of times they ran a third defender, hard, at him and Konrad, and I don’t think Dest was prepared for the numbers or the aggression.
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    Manchester United 2014-2015: Van Gaal's Insane Speech at the end of the awards

    Sir Alex's letter to Christiano:   Brian Phillips is all kinds of brilliant.   "David [Beckham] walked by looking, as usual, like the interest rate on the world's most erotic bank loan."
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    2014-15 Champions League: the Quixotic Quest to Qualify

    I think Johnson is pretty bad too. Certainly on the Benzema goal he was terrible. He has plenty of time to get tight to Benzema and just doesn't.
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    Arsenal 2014-2015: Ugh. Your banter stinks.

      Sanchez? Podolski worked very hard to get his hands on the trophy and appear in every pic.
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    Liverpool 2014-15: Now Is Time On Merseyside When We Dance

    Very excited to see them against City. No Enrique. Does anyone know his status? And is Reina really returning? Is he accepting the backup role?
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    SoSH Fantasy EPL 2014-2015 - LET'S GET IT ON!

    In for a second year as Proleside. Can't wait.
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    Any Rule Changes in International Soccer You'd Make?

    Make it known that the ref will add double time for all time-wasting. Yellow cards are not much of a deterrent, and players would stop the nonsense if they knew it would lengthen the game.   Example from the other day: 5 minutes extra time, team ahead has a player lay on the field with a cramp...
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    Chelsea 2013-2014: Insufferable & Unsuccessful but Better than Arsenal

      Hmmmm, where have I seen something like that before?
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    SoSH Fantasy EPL 2013/14

    Proleside is mine, not that I've posted enough for the name to make a difference. I'm currently in second, because basically everything I've done has gone right. It can't last, but I'm enjoying it so far.
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    Barcelona 2013-2014: When very good is still not good enough

     Agreed, and it was only the Villa goal that kept me watching.  Well, that and I seem to be willing to watch any game, at any time, if I have the chance. The acting is an odd game, because the players are all aware of the level of embellishment.  You see it when teammates rush to the side of...
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    Barcelona 2013-2014: When very good is still not good enough

    David Villa (who I always liked) scored a great goal against his old team in the first leg of the Supercup.  The rare goal where he did everything: perfect hold up play, then the perfect through ball, then a brilliant outside of the foot volley.  Worth looking up.   Neymar with the equalizer, so...
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    Arsenal 2013-2014: Insufferable & Unsuccessful -- And Worse than Chelsea

    It's easy to dismiss ConigliarosPotential's posts as entitlement, but leaving Arsenal aside, he's raising a point that is worth thinking about. I'm relatively new to soccer fandom (though it's been close to five years since I started paying attention and learning), and this is the thing I have...
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    SoSH Fantasy EPL 2013/14

    I think I tried this league two or three years ago, when I was just learning the game and probably couldn't name 10 players from the bottom of the table.  I didn't last long. We'll see if I've learned anything since then.  Good start, with Sturridge as captain.  33 points, with half my players...
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    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    Doesn't this assume Paterno is a static, unchanging person? If he is an unfeeling monster who put success and the program ahead of real human children, was he always that person? Or did he become that person? How? And how did he convince himself he was the same pillar of moral rectitude all...
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    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    I think you underestimate how fascinating (I'd say charismatic) Buck was. I'd have listened to Buck O'Neal talk about anything. Can't say the same for Paterno. That said, my saying Soul was "Buck's book" was too simple. Joe had a close relationship with Buck, and that, combined with Buck's...
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    Joe Posnanski: Lord of Lists

    It's not just that we'll miss out on some posts (we will, though I agree he can't stay away), or that Paterno is a weak topic (he is). I wonder whether Joe's gifts lie in writing full length books. The Machine was a fine baseball book, but I found it to be pretty disappointing compared to...
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    30 for 30

    QUOTE (mabrowndog @ Mar 15 2010, 10:22 AM) Nice to see he's still rockin' the race card in situations where it's completely irrelevant. That "I'm staying at the Governor's mansion in the slave quarters" line when he got off the plane in Indy back in '94 was ridiculous enough. For this film, 15...