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  1. ManhattanRedSox

    2023 Mocks

    Tried to get Mac a bunch of toys to see if he is worth extending at QB, Tomlinson so I can see LDT sitting on the sidelines of Gillette again (I'm a petty asshole), O'Connell to keep Zappe honest, Zack Kuntz because of his name and potential, Thomas bx I feel like a UAB guy at 192 could turn...
  2. ManhattanRedSox

    Mocking you in 2022

    I've never bothered with these before, as I rarely get a "grade" I'd not be embarrassed to share - but, I'd still be pretty OK with this from PFF:
  3. ManhattanRedSox

    Brian Flores suing NFL, Giants over "sham" Rooney rule - "mistakenly" (?) sent Belichick text may be linchpin

    This is where I land as well. Why on earth would the Giants let BB convince them to hire a talented OC out of the AFC East? Why would the Giants even care what BB thinks - beyond a superficial "plays well with others" comment? Would the owners secretly huddle with BB and lockout their brand...
  4. ManhattanRedSox

    First time baseball coach

    None. I am guessing the feedback comes from watching him throw somewhat sidearmed?
  5. ManhattanRedSox

    First time baseball coach

    Thanks for this thread. My son is 9. Played on an 8U select (?) team last year, and is on the same 9U team this year. He pitched, primarily, last year, as he was one of the few kids who were athletically inclined enough to (A) throw from ~45' to the catcher and (B) actually throw strikes more...
  6. ManhattanRedSox

    N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State Rd1 Pk32

    It’s a four-year deal worth nearly $10.1 million with a signing bonus of just over $5.36 million. There is also a team option for a fifth season. per
  7. ManhattanRedSox

    2019 NFL: News & Transactions

    Unpaid speeding ticket.
  8. ManhattanRedSox

    Xfinity (Comcast) Mobile

    FWIW I called Xfinity about the WiFi calling and the BYOD and the rep said hang tight a few months then they are rolling both out. I’ll be keeping an eye on this because as an Xfinity subscriber this would appeal to me over the super costly Verizon plan we’re currently on.
  9. ManhattanRedSox

    Daniel Flores, 17, passes away

    Yahoo Sports mentioned he had late-stage pancreatic cancer. My father died of that back in 2002. Insidious disease - no real symptoms until its too late. Horrible news and an extraordinary tragedy to hear it cut down a 17 yr old.
  10. ManhattanRedSox

    The Mallett, Hoyer, Cassel, Zolak, Tebow thread: Who's the New Number 2?

    He might be in shape, but not week 10 shape He should accept any role, if he has interest in being a football player first, activist second. He should expect the minimum on a "show me" contract - which makes playing for NE a bad for business move for him. Brady doesn't sit out garbage time...
  11. ManhattanRedSox

    The Mallett, Hoyer, Cassel, Zolak, Tebow thread: Who's the New Number 2?

    Kind of agree here. He hasn't played in a year. It's the same arguement of not looking to trade for Calvin Johnson's rights - he hasn't played in a year. And to bring someone in Week 10 in a high leverage position like QB who hasn't played and has no experience in the system just doens't seem...
  12. ManhattanRedSox

    Mayweather - McGregor 8/26

    The hype is better than the fight. This is nothing more than dancing with the Stars in an octagon.
  13. ManhattanRedSox

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG vs Steelers

    Hogan + Goal line d = new jersey for Big Ben's office
  14. ManhattanRedSox

    2016 NE OL

    I wonder what the Browns would want (in terms of draft picks) for Joe Thomas?
  15. ManhattanRedSox

    2016 Jacoby "One Snap" Brissett

    IR it is...
  16. ManhattanRedSox

    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    All good, Tommy Boy. Let the hate fester and build...
  17. ManhattanRedSox

    UFC/MMA in 2016

    Kind of new to this sport, but doesn't Tim Kennedy want to fight Bisping as well? They're lining up for this dude.
  18. ManhattanRedSox

    2016 NFL Draft: Day 1, Round 1

    Not rumors, but legit concerns. Apparently he stretched the nerve, which is better than tearing it. Still, I've read, nerve regeneration is not an exact science.
  19. ManhattanRedSox

    Three-Ways (The Triathlon Thread)

    Yeah the form this is off-putting. I did one session and there were people of all walks of fitness doing cleans, squats etc., and, if I was a spine surgeon or chiropractor, let's just say I'd be rubbing my hands gleefully. This isn't for me. Also, I'm not sure what's more annoying...
  20. ManhattanRedSox

    Three-Ways (The Triathlon Thread)

    I'm considering a slight diversion into CrossFit activities this winter, to break up the monotony of pool swims, treamilll runs and stationary cycling