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  1. axx

    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    I guess that gets around the no consecutive rule? So they get to choose to swap 3 years out of the next 7? Is that even legal?
  2. axx

    2021 Lockout - To be, Or not to Be - the Bank accounts will be the question

    I dunno, even with viewership increase it has to be getting more and more difficult for the networks to justify taking huge losses on NFL broadcasts. Is Disney going to reconsider re-upping or is there any reason to think that Amazon or whoever will offer anywhere near what Disney is paying now...
  3. axx

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    And not about the concussions?
  4. axx

    Danny Ainge suffered mild heart attack

    If this isn't his first "mild" heart attack, have to wonder if he will retire.
  5. axx

    May MLB game thread

    I was talking about Noah. Here's the HR if you haven't seen it:
  6. axx

    May MLB game thread

    The home run was to the opposite field too.
  7. axx

    Fenway Park bowl game starting in 2020

    There are so many bowl games now, they will almost have to pull from teams with losing records or yes 6-6. If you are going to do this bowl inflation it'd be better if these bowls were in the South where at least the weather is nice then.
  8. axx

    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    Still think leaving Wakefield in was a bigger mistake than Pedro.
  9. axx

    Fenway Park bowl game starting in 2020

    There are too many bowl games already, not to mention the safety issues in playing in such poor conditions. You are also talking about 2 teams with likely losing records, it's not going to be any kind of draw.
  10. axx

    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    IMO that's why I think it's the Mo Lewis hit. You can make the case that Brady never gets a real shot if Bledsoe doesn't get hurt or benched at that point. They certainly wouldn't have made the playoffs that year.
  11. axx

    Fenway Park bowl game starting in 2020

    Do you see people wanting to watch a middling 5-7 ACC team take on a bad AAC team in the freezing cold and snow? This is a terrible idea.
  12. axx

    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 4-7 Game Thread - Spoilers Welcome

    Sounds like he will have to honor his military commitment, although I guess if they drafted him the Vikes must figure they can get something worked out so that he can do both.
  13. axx

    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    Jose Abreu hit a three run homer; but was called out by passing Tim Anderson in the basepaths since Anderson had gone back to tag up. It was a big deal because the score became 11-10 at the time.
  14. axx

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    They need someone who can out-Felger Felger.
  15. axx

    What's going to happen at #32?

    I'll vote trade out. Team that acquires the pick will take a QB, maybe Daniel Jones.
  16. axx

    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    Apparently it was really windy in Chicago... Kris Bryant had a 2 run "double" today on a pop fly that the wind took and fell in.
  17. axx

    2019 Schedule Thread

    Miami in general has been bad for them, but September... it'll be hot.
  18. axx

    We're Onto the NFL Draft (2019 Prospect Thread)

    What would be very Patriots would be to trade one of the seconds for a 2020 first. The idea would be to get more ammo to get Brady's replacement in the 2020 draft. Or maybe one of the thirds for a 2020 second. 100% agree that Bill is going to do some dealing with the picks.
  19. axx

    We're Onto the NFL Draft (2019 Prospect Thread)

    A couple of the mocks I looked at had Hock going to Green Bay at 12. It may end up depending on how many teams take a QB as to where he lands. But 15-20 seems unlikely. Appears that they would even have to trade up to get Fant, if that's who they are after.