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  1. soxfan121

    TexMess: Standing Up for Kneeling Down

    The guy you need to include in that list, because he is the HARDEST of hardo-liners, is Carolina owner Jerry Richardson. He spouted off right at the beginning of this and then he was muzzled by his fellow owners and Jerrah got promoted to Chief Spokesman. Richardson is easily the most likely...
  2. soxfan121

    Fixing The Player Development Problem

    That's... that's not good. By game 12 I was just wishing for it to stop.
  3. soxfan121

    Markelle Fultz, Year Two: Blass, Ankiel, Knoblauch...or cheese fries?

    Missing here is the recurring issues Colangelo & the Sixers have had with injuries & all their Process Babies: In the past two days or so The Ringer had a piece on this Fultz situation (sorry, no link) that briefly touched on the injury misdiagnosis or lack of transparency with Embiid, Simmons...
  4. soxfan121

    Kirk and Callahan: Annoying Little Pissants

    Seemed entirely manufactured to me - Kirk probably had a proctologist appointment at 945 and needed an excuse to duck out early. He did threaten to fire the show producers and punch them in the face, so maybe someone screwed up his Dunkin order? Also, they were heavily promoting Kirk's...
  5. soxfan121

    Hightower out for the year

    Probably but the next "you get a couple million dollars AND you don't have to practice" contract Belichick gives out would be the first. Bowman apparently needs the whole week to "treat" his knee(s) and is limited to walkthroughs. Having no experience in a scheme like the Patriots defense...
  6. soxfan121

    Global Football Odds & Ends

    @teddykgb - I imagine this is what happened when they told Mr. Squirrel that he'd have to go live at Old Trafford now.
  7. soxfan121

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Skipper had a rethink about Barstool and then cancelled/fired the show.
  8. soxfan121

    2017 Colts: Better Luck Next Year!

    Stick to testicles and spiders. In some alternate universe where Pagano chose to retire and Arians got the HC & GM job, Luck is the clear cut #1 QB in the league who keeps losing to Belichick/Brady in the AFCCG. Ryan Grigson is why football fans can't have nice things.
  9. soxfan121

    SBLII: Patriots Injury News

    I do. And I remember them actually trading Justin Coleman.
  10. soxfan121

    USMNT: Watching From Outside The Arena

    Grant Wahl has a rundown of who is, who might, who should, and who isn't running (pre Wynalda announcement).
  11. soxfan121

    Let's get crazy (risky acquisitions and offseason plans)

    7.5/10? I mean, no one is taking Price's contract - certainly not a last place team - and I think Bob Hohler has a paying job in which he isn't accusing people of painkiller addiction and/or doing Larry's dirty work. As for trading Markus "I will not sign a contract extension" Betts... it's...
  12. soxfan121

    Let's get crazy (risky acquisitions and offseason plans)

    Shop Markus "I will not sign a contract extension" Betts and take the best offer (preferably young pitching). Shift Benintendi to CF, JBJ to RF, and sign the best cheap power hitting LF on the market. Trade David Price to whatever last place team will take his contract (and likely opt-out)...
  13. soxfan121

    Hayward's Injury

    Because I didn't see it. You wrote a post praising THE PERSON. And failed to include the NUANCE / detail that makes THE PERSON not worthy of the praise you gave him. And then followed it up by invoking common "knowledge". Pointing out the NUANCE that this person is rapist has resulted in this...
  14. soxfan121

    Hayward's Injury

    EDIT: Horribly selfish of me to actually use the word rape when talking about a rapist. Please, continue talking about his good qualities.
  15. soxfan121

    Celebrating What Is

    It is a video tweet. Use a browser.
  16. soxfan121

    USMNT: Watching From Outside The Arena

    Co-signed. Fuck it, are any of Chuck Blazer's cats still alive? Dead Chuck's Cats are a better option than Sunil "NOTHING TO SEE HERE" Gulati and his ego.
  17. soxfan121

    Fixing The Player Development Problem

    No worries, you make several really good points. And when looked at in retrospect, the absymal failures of the various youth teams and Olympics qualifiers over the past five (or so) years should have signaled this calamity. FWIW, I agree and my top down suggestion on how MLS could use their...
  18. soxfan121

    Hayward's Injury

    Don't forget the rape. I feel like you've forgotten about the rape.
  19. soxfan121

    USMNT: Watching From Outside The Arena

    1. Landon Donovan, Steve Gans, Eric Wynalda - all I care about is NOT SUNIL GULATI. So, let's do this. 2. Those Reyna comments are both demoralizing and true. We're fucked.