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    May MLB game thread

    Sosa had 14 swinging strikes, 5 strikeouts, a groundout, and a walkoff single in the 16th inning of this game: I have no comprehensive way of searching for these.
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    Khris Davis extends with A's

    I don't think it is. His 2019 average is higher than his career, so it would take more/worse numbers to bring his career down than his season.
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    268 Or Bust: Taking Aim At The Team HR Record Again

    The Orioles have allowed 100 HR in 48 games, on a pace for 337.5. The record for HR allowed is the 2016 Reds with 258. Through 48 games, the Reds had allowed 79. The Yankees are on pace to hit 252. The Twins are on pace to hit 304. Mariners 295. Astros 294.
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    Koji Uehara retires from professional baseball

    Dibble was the co-MVP with Myers in 1990 2016 ALCS Andrew Miller 1996 NLCS Wetteland 1988 ALCS Eck 1974 WS Fingers 1959 WS Larry Sherry - started 9 games in the regular season, relieved 14. Relieved 4 games in the WS, allowing 1 run over 12.2 IP, garnering 2 wins and 2 saves.
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    Unusual plays

    Was it based on handedness, or within the same batter? Edit: I found a few videos of him in the majors in 2014, and every delivery was submarine. I wonder if he's trying it out recently.
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    2019 NY Jets: Why Are You Laughing at Us? (Jets Hire Adam Gase!)

    Insert Stannis “fewer” gif, which apparently I’m not capable of.
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    Unusual plays "Fly Ball Double Play: LF-SS"
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    I'm with @loshjott . This isn't the same thing. Other possibilities for this version: Lakers in 1988 & 1989, 2nd ended before 1st in the calendar, Dodgers in 1988 NJ/NY - Yankees in 1999/2000, Devils in 2000
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    I'm seeing sources calling the Jets/Knicks/Mets, but those weren't all in the same year. The Jets were in January 1969, the Mets were in October 1969, and the Knicks were in May 1970. This only counts if you view the Knicks as "1969-70" but that's BS, because then the Jets would be "1968."...
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    One more note - he went from playing in Cardinals field (outfield depths of 415/430/458/475/441/355/319/308) to Wrigley (364/361/436/447/383/321). I'm not sure a triples comparison of a player in those two parks is meaningful. He's a righty who dropped around 50 feet of outfield distance in...
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    OK comparing 1916-1920 vs. 1927-1931 League 3B rate -3%, Hornsby -60% HR +173% vs. +210% SB -52% vs. -82% So the HR & SB rates track well with environment plus normal aging. 3B rate craters.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    Fair point. So taking the 6 seasons ending in 1931 instead, it's a 5% drop in 3B rate, 90% increase in HR rate, 45% decrease in SB rate.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    OK, I looked. Hornsby went from 1915-1937. The MLB wide rates of triples (per AB) dropped about 20% from his first 6 years to his last 6 years. Over the same periods, HR rate increased more than double, and stolen base rate (per singles+doubles+bbs) decreased by about 60%.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    But doesn't the aging pattern you're describing coincide with the offensive environment changing in the same way? For the record - I'm not sure my original statement was right and yours was wrong. I'm exploring this topic.
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    OK, but if I'm asserting that triples were power plays, then saying folks had inside the park homers wouldn't contradict that, right?
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    That doesn't appear to be a factor for any of my crossover guys, who all appear to be true power hitters/sluggers/"RBI men" - the Meusel brothers, Hornsby, Ruth, Shoeless Joe, Sisler, Bobby Veach and Happy Felsch
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    Isn't that consistent with what I said?
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    To look (in a less-than-perfect manner), I pulled up the top 10's for 3B, HR & SB for 1920-1923. I found 10 overlaps between 3B & HR, and 13 overlaps between 3B & SB. This is accounted for by 8 individuals and 12 individuals, respectively. George Sisler is the only one who ever appeared on...
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    Greatest RHH of all time?

    Due to long fences, triples were power, not speed, statistics at this point in baseball history.
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    Edit: Covered above, but: I see 9 instances of 24 strikeouts, with 3 wins, including last night. The Brewers beat the Angels 1-0 in 17 innings in 2004. (26 K) The Cubs beat the Mets 7-1 in 14 innings last year. (24 K)