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  1. m0ckduck

    Celebrating What Is

    Gee, it's almost like focusing on SB alone is a convenient form of cherry-picking. Playoff stats as a whole for both: Brady: 30-10 record (.750), 11179 yds, 279 y/g, 7.0 y/a, 73 td, 4.6 td%, 34 int, 2.1 int%, 90.5 rating Montana: 16-7 record (.695), 5772 yrds, 251 y/g, 7.9 y/a, 45 td, 6.1td%...
  2. m0ckduck

    More Impressive Stretch During Brady/BB Era?

    I feel it's an argument between meteoric talent (first era) vs. sustained systemic excellence (second era). The first era had higher highs (3 SBs in 4 years; Brady starting 10-0 in playoffs; 21 straight wins; the 2007 team knocking on the door of immortality; the two best teams by DVOA of the BB...
  3. m0ckduck

    The Lakers Reality Show

    I always like it when people focus on the behind-the-back nature of criticism directed at them, rather than engaging with the substance of the criticism. As if the onus is on your co-workers to tell you to your face that you're bad at your job.
  4. m0ckduck

    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    Sorry if this has been covered already, but: the Rockies struck out 24 times as a team and won— is that the all-time single-game high for a winning team? According to this list, it looks like only losing teams have previously racked up 24 or more strikeouts. (However, since that list is...
  5. m0ckduck

    The WR Corps

    They should be able to muddle through ok with a healthy Edelman— but god forbid he gets hurt. They could be functionally unable to move the ball through the air if he goes down, especially in the early going before some of the other pieces (Thomas, Harry, Gordon) return to action and/or get...
  6. m0ckduck

    Would a lousy 2019 tarnish 2018 at all for you?

    My first reaction is, “Hell, no!“ along with nearly every poster here. But, as a thought exercise, I’m thinking about what sequence of events would or could tarnish my memories of 2018. The best I could come up with: - PED scandal retroactive to 2018, as mentioned above - Intense acrimony...
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    2019 MLB regular season news.

    Tim Wakefield could have gotten more than the 4M/1Y deal he continually renewed with the Sox, and nobody called him criminally stupid, or whatever the latest term being lobbed at Albies is. The assumption that Albies couldn’t possibly have signed this deal with open eyes, that he’s being “taken...
  8. m0ckduck

    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    How about a pre-BB era side stage? Rationally, I guess it would have to be one of the special teams TDs in the 85 Super Bowl run— probably one from the Divisional Round game against the Raiders, since they came from behind in that one. But the heart goes with the silly Hail Irving volleyball...
  9. m0ckduck

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Knowing how these things normally play out, Bill will probably cut him
  10. m0ckduck

    Rank Your In-Laws: Which BB Era SB Failure Hurts the Most After '07

    Good reminder about Harrison. I’m getting angry about 06 all over again. 12 years and 3 titles later.
  11. m0ckduck

    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    I realize I shouldn't even leap for the bait here. But: the fact that the Pats won that game on the road with a -2 turnover differential proves exactly the point that Poilan is trying to un-prove: Belichick badly outcoached Reid, just as he did Lynn and McVay this postseason. I don't think he's...
  12. m0ckduck

    Rank Your In-Laws: Which BB Era SB Failure Hurts the Most After '07

    Agreed. It's a bit of a paradox: if you could pick one game to win, it would have to be 2007 for the perfect season. Yet, 2006 was the more painful loss on a visceral gut-punch level. It's the one that hurts me most to re-watch. 2015 almost belongs to a different category. I wasn't so much...
  13. m0ckduck

    Celebrating What Is

    We also might remember this year's team as The Healthy Team that we so desperately pined for in 2012, 2013, 2015, etc. Not at the season's outset, of course, but they basically got healthier as the season went on, rather than the slow decimation that normally occurs.
  14. m0ckduck

    Rank Your Children: Ordering the Pats Titles By Meaning to You

    Discussed this recently with a friend. To my mind, 36, 49 and 51 are a holy trinity of SB wins— you can follow a team for forty years hoping for a title as immaculate as any of those, and the experience would immediately validate the other 39 years. The fact that we've had three of those moments...
  15. m0ckduck

    The Ringer

    This is the most oddly incoherent article I can remember reading at site I'm not flagging it for its perceived anti-Pats bias— whatever, that's fine. I'm...
  16. m0ckduck

    Celebrating What Is

    Leading Sports Moralist Ian O'Connor throws in the towel and admits Pats are the best dynasty in American sports: Notable change in tone from his deflategate pieces calling for Brady to confess his wrongdoings and throw himself upon the mercy of public forgiveness. More seriously, though...
  17. m0ckduck

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    I will admit that this is the first year since 09 that I didn't think we could do it. After the Miami and Pittsburgh losses, and following the loss of Josh Gordon, I just didn't think we had enough firepower to prop up an apparent so-so defense. Something changed for this team in week 17, the...
  18. m0ckduck

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Lions fans, on the other hand: just bitter: 38 fewer points given up than last SB.
  19. m0ckduck

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    A perfect bookend to holding the Greatest Show on Turf to 17. Hightower was huge.
  20. m0ckduck

    Is the NBA star system broken? If so, can it be fixed?

    This is all true, but I think what people find frustrating is how instantaneously a franchise like the Lakers or Knicks can hit the reset button after years of mismanagement. Other teams have to dig their way out with a spoon over the course of years of careful decision-making and luck.