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  1. JimBoSox9

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Just means Bergeron's hat trick will make for the game-winner. But, man, that sucked.
  2. JimBoSox9

    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

    I'll take the over on that 2nd-intermission prediction, now that the poor lad's jinxed it. I'd also vote for Baby Torey, if you're still waffling.
  3. JimBoSox9

    4/23 - Bruins vs Maple Leafs

    I watched this game while on a first date with my future wife. Stick a pin in that s*** and smoke it to sleep, compadres.
  4. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    You gotta think his committment to flexibility is part of what appears to be a legitimate knack for winning in the Europa League. It's full of flawed teams with varying styles, all hoping to avoid a certain style of opponent who could blow open their Achilles heels, with less familiarity and...
  5. JimBoSox9

    2019 UFC/MMA

    McGregor combines epic lack of self-awareness with total conviction that he's ascended to a higher state of being than us mortals. It's an impossible combination to stomach from anyone who isn't putting together a generational-level run of results, and hasn't trended that way in years. Edit...
  6. JimBoSox9

    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    If I'm reading this right (and I may not be), you're incorrect - if he gets 10/5 rights going into 2020, that will be after only 3 years of clock time with the Sox, so he's getting that protection two years early.
  7. JimBoSox9

    Why Are the Patriots So Good?

    Before you can win football games, you have to avoid doing the things that make you lose football games. Everyone says it to some extent, but only one team lives it in everything they do. Its the focus on what matters (and their understanding of that) and the blocking out of everything else...
  8. JimBoSox9

    The Game Ball Thread: AFCCG at the Chiefs

    Hell, the coin itself can have the game ball as far as I'm concermed
  9. JimBoSox9

    Why Are MLB Teams Treating $246M Like A Hard Barrier?

    I think you're spot-on. It's not the penalties, it's the decline in marginal value of spending the top dollars. There's been a collision between three factors: (1) The status quo - a market rigged to reward veterans over younger players (free agency) (2) A radical inversion of where the bulk...
  10. JimBoSox9

    Josh Gordon stepping away from football "for a bit"

    All of which help reduce pain and/or anxiety, and none of which are performance-enhancing on the field or in the weight room. I think mike's point stands w/r/t Gordon's ability to get paid as a football player.
  11. JimBoSox9

    2018 MMA/UFC

    I'm surprised that it doesn't happen more often; just how they can give semi-coherent interviews right after having their blood up to 11 for fifteen minutes still amazes me.
  12. JimBoSox9

    Brady wants to "divorce" Belichick

    Personally, I could always tell how tired Brady was of being here by the way he keeps restructuring his contract to take less money, I didn't need Ian O'Connor to tell me that.
  13. JimBoSox9

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    Ozil looked a ton more engaged today, especially in dropping back to take possession in the middle third. In the first half when Newcastle was doing a stout job in the defensive mid, he had a couple touches that came closer to unlocking a scoring chance than anyone else. The goal was a...
  14. JimBoSox9

    Joe West confiscates pitchers scouting report (9/2 update- Players allowed to use cheat sheets)

    I dunno if this makes me an old fogey, but I'd be happier if they went ahead and banned all written/printed instructions from the fielders as well. There's something to be said for helping curtail analytics-driven-changes by limiting the defense to whatever complexity they can bring out there...
  15. JimBoSox9

    Gameweek 2 Gamethread

    Samesies. Did you see the Emery quote where he talked about midfielders having two flexible positions (a 6 and 8 or an 8 and 10)? That fits Ramsey, Torreria, Xhaka (kinda), or even MG, but Ozil is a 10-full stop. I don't mind him on the wing as a forward, but he's simply not a guy who forms an...
  16. JimBoSox9

    Gameweek 2 Gamethread

    Tragic outcomes has basically been this squad's raison d'etre since they lost the Invincibles core.
  17. JimBoSox9

    Gameweek 2 Gamethread

    It's not a flattering outfit, that's for sure. Somewhere Belichick is watching and smiling.
  18. JimBoSox9

    Gameweek 2 Gamethread

    Of course, on the other hand, it kinda should be 3-2 red.
  19. JimBoSox9

    Gameweek 2 Gamethread

    Sarri-ball > Emery Era. I wanted to be optimistic but I'm coming around to the Arseblog view - holding a Europa League squad, they hired a Europa League coach and bolstered the back line with Europa League players. Why should i have expected Champions League quality? I know we've faced the...