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  1. shaggydog2000

    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall

    I dunno, there were a lot of crap players in the 70's and 80's before they figured out that stealing bases at a bad rate and having a low on base percentage was a bad thing. But they were good bunters! So it's probably more like 85% of MLB players?
  2. shaggydog2000

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    Shooting the gun accurately is the hardest part. Not like the guy can stop and aim for very long, and is probably full of nervous adrenaline just walking up. It's easy to move a gun while trying to pull a trigger and have it go nowhere near where you intended. On the other hand, bullets do...
  3. shaggydog2000

    Brian Bannister, Red Sox Pitching Guru

    Never. It compliments them. If you don't know how, you've missed the last two decades of baseball.
  4. shaggydog2000

    Moreland back to IL, Hernandez up, Josh A Smith 26th man today (starting game 1)

    It looks like they'll play Chavis there and put Holt at second. That's what they've been doing over the last ten games. If this is long term they could try to get help at either position. Not sure who is available.
  5. shaggydog2000

    2019 MLB Draft - Red Sox tracker

    This is Tom Terrific. Anyone now calling someone that is making an incredibly dated reference to a 60 year old mediocre cartoon. So it's right in a sportwriter's wheelhouse.
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    Can we talk? Giving up the Landline phone

    This is what my family does with their comcast phone hookup as well. Works just fine.
  7. shaggydog2000

    Rafael Devers, JD Martinez and the future at the corners

    His defense has definitely looked better, especially that footwork that has been talked about as his weak point.
  8. shaggydog2000

    Rafael Devers, JD Martinez and the future at the corners

    I can't figure out how to get this to embed, but the following link is Devers' ISO on a rolling 15 game sample. Over the first 30 games it just meanders around below .100. Since then it's shot up to the .350+ range. I don't know where it's going to settle in for the year, but he looks like...
  9. shaggydog2000

    The Ringer

    I get it. Hockey gets ignored by so many outlets that hockey fans are used to going to hockey specific sources. They think any mainstream guy trying to cover it here and there is clueless and are offended by the effort, unless they demonstrate really deep knowledge and passion for it.
  10. shaggydog2000

    Mookie BBetts - 2019 Campaign

    Different pitches with different movement go in and out of style. The changes in how the strike zone is called make high and low strikes more or less likely to be thrown, and therefore encourage different swing paths. Advanced scouting gives an advantage to hitters who are better able to...
  11. shaggydog2000

    Pearce to IL, Travis recalled

    People believe in space aliens, ghosts, and the mumps vaccine causing autism. How can you expect us to convince you of a reasonable belief given that? I have no idea what it would take to convince you of anything, or why that should be some standard by which the rest of us operate.
  12. shaggydog2000

    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    Maybe he missed the "Is it time to light our hair on fire and propose trades we made in RBI baseball?" thread.
  13. shaggydog2000

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    Did not know Monreal was going to be out of contract. He's definitely gone then. Kos was good for stretches this year, but I just don't think his body can hold up to regular play on this level, and there are rumblings he wanted to leave last year. Mkhi is fine, just not a difference maker...
  14. shaggydog2000

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Joe Kelly had 4 years of failing as a starter and having long stretches of ineffectiveness as a reliever. Let's not rewrite his history now that you want to trash somebody else. He was the dude everyone complained about being not enough when he was in the bullpen.
  15. shaggydog2000

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    Yeah, they're definitely going to have to staple some money to him to make him go away. But it will be cheaper than paying him and putting up with him.
  16. shaggydog2000

    Arsenal 2018-19: Spanish David Moyes

    If they could bring in a small number of very top coaches, I would dump Emery for them. But why would those top coaches come to a team with so many obvious holes and so little budget to fill them? Emery is probably the best they can get at this juncture, and they need to give him a functional...
  17. shaggydog2000

    2018-2019 Europa League: Ambling to Azerbaijan

    Or maybe a country that isn't in a dispute with another UEFA member and currently not allowing people from that member nation into their country? Supposedly they've denied fans of Armenian descent from entering the country (not just Armenian citizens), and have been detaining people with...
  18. shaggydog2000

    2018-2019 Europa League: Ambling to Azerbaijan

    11 pm in Baku. So it will be 8 pm in central Europe. And 3 on the east coast. The time in central Europe is the Europa league requirement.
  19. shaggydog2000

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    I preferred the World's Strongest Man Competitions they used to show non-stop in the summer.
  20. shaggydog2000

    5 Star Hoops Recruit to Skip College

    Oh, I know you don't have to anything to stay qualified to play if you're only there for one year, but there are NCAA limits on how much you can practice with and without coaches, and how much out of practice workout/gym time you can have as well.