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  1. B H Kim

    Should I buy a new IPad Pro?

    I absolutely love my iPad Pro 11” and it has replaced my MacBook Pro for about 75 percent of the things I used to use a laptop for. That said, it think the base iPad is fine for Netflix. That’s the iPad my daughter has and uses almost exclusively for Netflix and other video streaming. I will...
  2. B H Kim

    Updating an older MacBook Pro

    If you’re willing to put a little money into it, consider adding a solid state drive. I removed the optical drive from my 2011 MacBook Pro and create a hybrid drive set up with the OS and applications on the SSD and data on the HD. It improved performance tremendously. I bought a kit from OWC...
  3. B H Kim

    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    Speaking of having a rough year, Trevor Rosenthal today: 1 IP, 3 ER, 2 hits, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 3 wild pitches, and it was enough of an improvement that it lowered his ERA by over 4 runs.
  4. B H Kim

    The Ringer

    For all I know, this happened months ago (given how little attention I’ve paid to his Ringer content), but I noticed yesterday that Lombardi is now writing for the Athletic and is starting a new podcast with Adnan Virk.
  5. B H Kim

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I presume that's how it works (Amazon Prime channels are accessible only if you subscribe from within the Prime app). Amazon Prime offers CBS All Access as a channel within their app, but I can't access it there because I subscribed directly through the CBS app.
  6. B H Kim

    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    The only reason I would exclude the Edelman catch is the fact that it came on first down. If it hadn’t been ruled a catch, they had three more chances in that series. EDIT to add: I’d consider Hightower forcing the Ryan fumble and the Flowers sack as even bigger plays from that game.
  7. B H Kim

    2019 NCAA Pool

    Well, my annual pool strategy of trying to pick the longest shot (but still somewhat plausible) overall champ didn’t quite pay off this year. Thanks, Iowa State.
  8. B H Kim

    2019 NCAA Pool

    Dan, thanks for clearing this up.
  9. B H Kim

    2019 NCAA Pool

    Just submitted 4 entries (one each for me, my wife and two kids) and sent $80 via PayPal.
  10. B H Kim

    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    He was stopped on the first (Saturday) visit, and still went back the next day.
  11. B H Kim

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Just went to open the app on my TiVo for the first time this year, only to discover that they have discontinued the app. I can still access it on my Apple TV, but the TiVo has always been much more convenient. I’m not sure why they would choose to discontinue the TiVo app, but it’s incredibly...
  12. B H Kim

    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    Are they, though? All they really care about are the page views and attention and this is just more grist for the mill for them.
  13. B H Kim

    What is THE baseball highlight?

    I think this Jim Edmonds catch, in particular, is better than the Mays catch.
  14. B H Kim

    What is THE baseball highlight?

    I think the Gibson home run is actually better than Fisk’s for theatrics, better than Thompson's for the call, and better than Mazeroski’s for the drama.
  15. B H Kim

    The Ringer

    He’ll always be Brian Piccolo to me.
  16. B H Kim

    All iPhone X, all the time

    I bought a Xs, but found it too small for my tastes, having used the plus models for the last few years. My wife and daughter have Xr's and I considered switching to a Xr, but two months of the OLED screen had me hooked on the screen qualify, so I sold the Xs and bought a Xs Max. I think it's...
  17. B H Kim

    Apple Watch Wireless Charging

    I have one of these on my nightstand. It cost about $10 on Amazon. I just stick the Apple Watch charger in it and use the alarm feature on the watch.
  18. B H Kim

    2018 College Football Week Twelve gamethread

    I was surprised to see that, given the limited tailgating opportunities at Fenway. When the game is at Yale or Harvard, the stadium is always half empty until the second half.
  19. B H Kim

    For those of you who said they were cutting back or eliminating watching the NFL . . .

    I'm not suggesting that it was a chore to follow the NFL. But, between interest in actual results and fantasy, it became the dominant focus on my Sunday afternoons over the course of the season. I didn't decide to stop watching this season because that focus became too much, but not even...
  20. B H Kim

    For those of you who said they were cutting back or eliminating watching the NFL . . .

    Aside from the last minute of the Patriots-Chiefs game, when I switched over to NBC to watch the local news, I haven’t seen a second of NFL game action this year, and I can’t say that I really miss it. It’s actually quite liberating not to care what’s going on in the NFL. I live in Maryland and...