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  1. riboflav

    Are the USWNT being unfairly criticized for their sportsmanship? Is it sexist?

    Good Post. I am a man who coaches very competitive varsity girls basketball. Several of the players in our program have gone on to play major D-1 college over the past 10 years. This discussion is a major topic and point of contention right now in our region. Many of the female athletes and...
  2. riboflav

    5/31 Sale-ing to NY (a day later than expected)

    Maybe you weren't around for the last 15 years but try research.
  3. riboflav

    Following Former Red Sox 2019

    In my half-ass Internet research, it seems it is relatively routine.
  4. riboflav

    May 10 Seattle at Fenway Part 1

    But he is related to Rob Murphy sooooooo....
  5. riboflav

    Mike Lynch retires

    It's a miracle he didn't break his leg on that. He got crushed. I'm guessing no PF for roughing the kicker back then.
  6. riboflav

    2019 Schedule Thread

    No. I just bought 5! tickets for (Easter) Sunday (best friend is a homegrown Twins fan) for row 17 at $40 each behind the Os dugout. Looked to be 1000s still available if anyone is interested.
  7. riboflav

    2019 Schedule Thread

    I live in NoVA and have experienced no difference in nine years.
  8. riboflav

    4/17 - Eovaldi vs Happ

    2008 Red Sox went to game 7 of the ALCS but were largely the same roster as 2007. Pythag dropped 6 games between years. This one will be worse.
  9. riboflav

    4/17 - Eovaldi vs Happ

    And thanks for standing pat, RSFO just like 2005.
  10. riboflav

    4/17 - Eovaldi vs Happ

    I was on the Cora bandwagon halfway through 2017, but you know, maybe don't spend the entire offseason and spring training talking about or referencing last year's accomplishments. Terrible approach to this year.
  11. riboflav

    2019 Masters

    So it seems. In fact, it appears to me the top half are all going off the first tee.
  12. riboflav

    This one's for the girls: NCAAW Tournament Elite-8 and on

    The women's game is such a better viewing experience for the fan.
  13. riboflav

    3/29: Second Verse, Not Same as the First

    Cora had great demeanor on the field there. Like ok... long way to go.
  14. riboflav

    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Thread

    Do you have any idea how tough that shot was, couch man?
  15. riboflav

    NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Thread

    Foul! Hit with the face!
  16. riboflav

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    Zion with the charge... Franschilla with a keen observation that that's a classic regular season NCCAM I'm going to use your post as a jumping off point for a rant... Has Barrett ever boxed anyone out? Seriously. He is strong Wiggins. Never does anything off the ball. It's like the idea of...
  17. riboflav

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    I am devastated for Johnny. Totally outcoached his mentor tonight and nothing to show for it.
  18. riboflav

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    Duke down by 3... misses a FGA under 20 seconds... now leads by 1 with just under 8. What a world.
  19. riboflav

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    Stop with the courage trope, Raff. It's the second dumbest thing in basketball.