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    Schiano out at Patriots DC

    Bielema did leak that he expected to be named DC after Flores left for Miami.
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    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    As previously pointed out it’s a reference to Al Swearengen, the character in the GIF. Curran making a vague post about something not roster related with a GIF of an infamous brothel owner when the team’s owner is in the news for getting caught up in a prostitution sting smacks of trolling. If...
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    2019 NFL News & Transactions

    Clearly. Tom Pelissero via Twitter: That didn’t take long: Vontaze Burfict is on his way to visit the #Raiders, sources tell me and @RapSheet. #Bengals cut the veteran LB yesterday and his old DC, Paul Guenther, is in Oakland.
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    Why Are the Patriots So Good?

    Like most, I think it's a combo of things, including, luck, preparation, consistency, etc. I think one of the most underrated things is the experience that Kraft and Belichick gained in previous situations. Belichick grew after Cleveland (think of the transition from Kosar to Testeverde vs the...
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    2019 Coaching Carousel

    She’s head coach of Holy Cross Women’s lacrosse. His other son, Brian, works in the scouting department.
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    2018 Patriots Defense

    Talking to the media about something like this is begging for a one-way ticket out of Belichicktown on the express train. Although, Florio speculates that Schiano could be a head coach in the XFL, so who knows.
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    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    McD needs a little more love. Belichick and the players credit him with changing the scheme in the fourth quarter to jumbo 22 package with Jules, Allen, Gronk, Devlin, and Burkhead, which lead to TD. They had not practiced that formation leading up to the game (though they used in in KC) and...
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    Patriots fans, Yankees fans, and always being greedy for more

    Typo, but hopefully a Tony Romo-level prescience.
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    Patriots fans, Yankees fans, and always being greedy for more

    Coming of football age in the Tony Eason/Dough Flutie 1.0/Marc Wilson/Tommy Hodson/Hugh Millen/Zolak years I watched a lot of basement dwelling teams and a couple of 2 wins or less teams. I have now been around for 5 Super Bowl wins, 4 World Series wins, 3 (technically 4) NBA Championships and a...
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    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    And to boot, Allen's brother, a former Virginia governor and US Senator George Allen, blew his his Senate reelection bid, in part, when he called an Indian-American man "macaca" twice at one of his rallies. The man was observing the rally for the Virginia Democratic party and had been at other...
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    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    And it's not like he doesn't already have a ring, too. Sucks for the Pats, but not the end of the world and he gets to go home.
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    2018 Belichick Breakdowns

    Iyiegbuniwe, the lineman to the left of Braunecker gets an assist. He extends his leg back behind Braunecker when he is looking to decide who to double team. He turns towards Hightower, hesitates and then turns to to block Sheldon and his leg is planted right behind Braunecker's calf. It makes a...
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    2018 Patriots: Injury Watch

    Not a doctor, but a veteran of 2 ACL tears and in my experience this is correct. They can do a couple of manual tests of the stability of knee to get an idea if there is a test, but it takes an MRI to confirm the degree of the tear (partial/full) and what the collateral damage is to the...
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    2018 Dolphins: Back to Gasics

    My father-in-law has been a Dolphins fan since the Shula moved from Baltimore to Miami and he is of the opinion that Gase doesn't have what it takes mentally and emotionally for a head coach keep a team together and running for a sustained playoff run and I wonder if that is a commonly held...
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    The Search for a WR

    He's an American who was a high school soccer player and a basketball walk-on/scrub at OSU where he played with Marcus Smart.
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    2018 Steelers: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    In some ways I get his teammates being pissed at him, especially if he said he was coming back, since some players, like offensive linemen don't really get stats and a lot of their rep is built upon team success and the overall success of the skill players, so Bell's absence could negatively...
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    Training Camp News and Notes

    I think it would have more to do with him banging Russel Wilson’s first wife
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    2018 NY Jets: Darnold > Namath

    The Jets are trying to force Darnold to accept a contract that let's them void his entire guarantee if he gets fined for conduct on or off-field at any point during the life of the contract. The report also notes that "that it is believed that no other top-three pick in the last 10 years has had...
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    The NFL and the National Anthem

    My wife is from York, PA, which is has a pretty sizable ultra conservative white population, but my mind was blown when driving to a wedding in the rural area outside of York and I saw the number of Confederate flags flying at houses. We’re talking about an area that was invaded and captured by...
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    2018 NBA offseason thread

    Short term yes, but long term it could be bad, depending on the extent of the damage. If the tear is repairable or they only need to take a small part of it out, then he should be fine. If a large part needs to get removed he could be looking at a short career. I had a decent chunk of my...