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  1. Bleedred

    RIP Bill Buckner

    +1. Four years ago April Fool's Day, my dad passed away from complications due to LBD (people afflicted with LBD and other dementias often lose the ability to swallow which leads to their ultimate demise). The insidiousness of LBD is the horrific witnessing of someone you've loved your whole...
  2. Bleedred

    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    Reading the Globe this weekend, they made some comment that Al could opt in and make $30MM this year, or, he may choose to opt out and while he wouldn't make $30MM/year, he might go for the "security" of a longer term deal with lesser annual pay out. I have to laugh at the notion of...
  3. Bleedred

    Round 2: Celtics vs. Bucks

    I think it was Parcells, not Belichick, but other than that, I don't have any major quibbles with this post.
  4. Bleedred

    Round 2: Celtics vs. Bucks

    1. There's no NBA reffing conspiracy, particularly to favor Milwaukee against Boston. 2. The officiating in the 3rd quarter was atrocious and indefensible. Statements 1 and 2 need not be mutually exclusive. Is there a way to search somewhere to find out the # of fouls called in the third...
  5. Bleedred

    Round 1 Discussion: Celtics - Pacers

    My main problem with Marcus Morris isn't so much his terrible defense or his shitty shooting. Rather, he never, ever, thinks to move the basketball or make the next pass. He's an offensive black hole who unfortunately can't score with any consistency. It would be one thing if he was the M...
  6. Bleedred

    4/3 If a team falls in Oakland Coliseum, does it make a sound?

    I'm looking forward to those 3-5 weeks of the season when Jackie Bradley has a clue at the plate.
  7. Bleedred

    3/30: Let's Win Again, Like We Did Last Summer

    3 pitches down the middle. Well done
  8. Bleedred

    NCAA Tournament 2nd Round Game Thread

    For me, the most boring day of the NCAA tournament in my lifetime (I'm 52)
  9. Bleedred

    NCAA Tournament Friday Game Thread

    Bobby Hurley is every bit the whiny prick as a coach as he was as a player. He pisses and moans on almost every possession
  10. Bleedred

    Google Chrome

    Is this real? And if so, what are morons like me supposed to do to update google chrome? uninstall then reinstall?
  11. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    good point. He's 100% on the floor if not for his dumbassery
  12. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    don't fuck this up
  13. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    totally agree. It's a shit game
  14. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    I love Scal. Smart, insightful, funny, willing to say it straight
  15. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    wow...frenetic 35 seconds. Hield from the pacific ocean, Tatum getting chilly,
  16. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    there were 3 fouls on that play...fuckfaces
  17. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    He was completely out of position b/c of the bang/bang steal...and the ref compounded his error by calling it off Marcus
  18. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    when was the last time terry rozier went over a screen and stayed connected with his man?
  19. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    Because he's a stupid fucking basketball player, that's why
  20. Bleedred

    3/6 vs Kings REGICIDE

    FFS, Rozier is just dumb as fucking rocks.