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  1. keninten

    Pedroia Predictions

    I still think he stays on the 60 day IL and acts as another coach on the bench. The 40 man roster in the off season could prevent it.
  2. keninten

    Koji Uehara retires from professional baseball

    What if Hanrahan and Bailey did not get hurt? Even Miller would have been an option but got hurt right after Koji started his run as closer. Hate "what if`s" but adds to his legend.
  3. keninten

    BROCKHOLT: Actually, not better than a poke in the eye...

    I`d rather slide Devers to SS and Nunez to 3rd. Don`t let Devers be in the middle of a 4-6-3 DP. Tell the 2B to just get the out at 1B or Devers not to try and turn a close DP.
  4. keninten

    Pedroia Predictions

    Pedroia will probably be on the bench all year similar to last year. The little shit will probably be on the DL until his contract runs out. Doesn`t it help at playoff time to have guys on the 60 day DL? I always hated the thought of Pedey going out by sucking because of age and not wanting to...
  5. keninten

    W.S. Hangover Cures: The Devil is in the Details...

    This road trip could be just the wake up call the team needed to get focused back in. Last year everything fell into place and now they`ve got to realize they have to fight to make the playoffs.
  6. keninten

    Starting Pitching 2019

    Tampa to Arlington Texas is less than a 3 hour flight
  7. keninten

    Baseball Is Broken (off the field/labor relations etc.)

    I really don`t understand how people think Nashville can support a team. Sure alot of people have moved here and maybe they will support them but baseball is not big down here with the locals.
  8. keninten

    Let's Talk Exten$ions...

    I just was hoping someone could answer my question. I guess I shouldn`t have used a ridiculous example.
  9. keninten

    Let's Talk Exten$ions...

    If Porcello signed a 3 year extension at $5 mil a year would that bring his AAV down to $9 mil a year?
  10. keninten

    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Aroldis Chapman
  11. keninten

    Is baseball headed for a strike in 2022?

    What about just flipping the draft order a bit. The worst team gets the 10th pick and the 21th best team gets the 1st pick. The 20th best team gets #20 and the top team to miss the playoffs,11th place, gets 11th pick. It would incentivize winning.
  12. keninten

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    How many long ABs are remembered fondly? Last year Mookie had one that was really cool. There`s quite a few others .
  13. keninten

    Baseball Is Broken (on the field, proposed rule changes, attendance, etc.)

    I think this was proposed by Charlie Finley
  14. keninten

    Let's Talk Exten$ions...

    An extension will effect the CBT but is their a time in the season where it will not? If a player is making $5 mil this year and signs an extension for $40 mil for 4 years. His average is now at $9 mil a year. Is there anything in the CBT that changes as the year progresses? I know it changed in...
  15. keninten

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    Seems to me the Sox best option is to trade a catcher for a RP. Swihart has 5 years of control left and cheap. I would think he could bring a decent RP off a team going nowhere.
  16. keninten

    2018-19 Offseason Thread

    He could be a good trade chip at the deadline. Teams could afford him financially, $2-$3 mil at the trade deadline and a decent prospect. Most teams could do that. The new market efficiency.
  17. keninten

    2018 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    I`ve been hoping for Machado to sign with them at high dollars and long term. I think he could disrupt a team if he does anymore spiking. It`s also scary because he is a good player.
  18. keninten

    2018 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    What about his intangibles?
  19. keninten

    Following Former Red Sox 2019

    Eric Gagne to Nashville as a bullpen coach. Not many bullpen coaches in the minors.
  20. keninten

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    So the Sox can do something like that to cut payroll?