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    Mega-Contracts: How Have They Panned Out?

    Adrian Beltre with 2 of the top 13 100 mill+ contracts is awesome - only other two players that have two entries in the top 20 are Bonds and Maddux. Loved Beltre in 2010 - was bummed we didn't sign him for that last big contract, which could have been 4th "best" ever (~36 bWAR, what a misfire).
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    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    Frank Castillo. RIP. Loved his curveball and his intensity. I mean, I know his stats on the Red Sox were garbage and he was nearing the end but still, that curve caught my imagination that he could be so much better.
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    NBA GOAT discussion

    Dennis Rodman is the biggest difference making player of all time. Probably not GOAT, but ... maybe? (Probably old hat for most folks here, but always fun to re-read)
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    Gordons Production

    On the highlights he is obviously bigger and often appears faster than all the other receivers, especially when he's blocking a DB out of the play. Seems like a man among boys physically - hopefully that turns into a few dominating performances catching the ball as well.