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  1. EL Jeffe

    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    Bruce Feldman opposing coaching intel: “Dude’s a freak. I thought he had good awareness of the ball. He was very natural at everything he did. Was impressed even at Colorado. He just got better and better and took a big jump at Oregon. In his man-technique, he’s very physical, good at squeezing...
  2. EL Jeffe

    The future is so's the 2023 Pats Draft Contest!

    Beal, Robert - Edge, Georgia Bell, Ronnie - WR, Michigan Bennett Jakorian - CB, Maryland Bennett, Stetson - QB, Georgia Clark, Kei'Trel - CB, Louisville Gaines, Jon, - IOL, UCLA Johnson, Roschon - RB, Texas Jones, Broderick - OT, Georgia Mallory, Will - TE, Miami McFadden, Jordan - OL, Clemson...
  3. EL Jeffe

    Jakobi Meyers signs with Las Vegas

    According to Curran, only one other team besides LVR was even mildly interested in pursuing Meyers. The league clearly views him as someone not worth investing big money into, and that makes sense. Great story, seems like a great guy, but he's a really nice #3 WR to have...and how much do you...
  4. EL Jeffe

    2023 Draft Fits

    Yeah, I'm really high on Dawand Jones. He's young for his draft class and he's gotten significantly better year over year. The arrow is pointing up on this guy. He's also an asskicker, with violent hands (I wish Paris Johnson had more of that in his game). Like SMU said, Jones isn't a finished...
  5. EL Jeffe

    The NHL's Falling Viewership

    I'm an outlier here because I'm out of market for the Bruins and I have ESPN+. So I've seen more Bruins games the last 2 years than probably the prior 10 years combined. That said, I'm not a true diehard and if/when the team starts to fall off, so will my viewership (to a degree, at least).
  6. EL Jeffe

    Bill Belichick and his decision making: Have we learned anything?

    Ah, okay. That's a totally fair point and I agree with you. And you're correct, while tons of coaches have coached both sides of the ball, doing it at the coordinator level is extremely rare. I think Bill Muir is the only other one to have done it.
  7. EL Jeffe

    Bill Belichick and his decision making: Have we learned anything?

    We've gone back and forth on this before, but I genuinely don't understand this argument. Coaches move around all the time. Different positions, different sides of the ball. The outlier is someone who just coaches one position and that's all they ever coach. Like, we think of Scar as the...
  8. EL Jeffe

    2023 Draft Fits

    I think Pierre Strong was drafted with the "passing back" role in mind, fwiw. It's a spot NE has typically redshirted, so the fact that Strong didn't play much on offense this past year shouldn't be a big surprise. A 4.37 40 and 36" vertical at 207# is an intriguing combo and he flashed...
  9. EL Jeffe

    2023 Draft Fits

    Witherspoon has been coached by Friend of the Program Bret Bielema for past couple of years, which makes him an intriguing fit for NE. I personally don't see Witherspoon as much of a reach at 14. He's really athletic and he's a physical tackler. There's an awful lot to like.
  10. EL Jeffe

    Patriots' Priorities for the 2023 Season

    My offseason priorities would be: 1) Offensive Coaching Staff: I completely underestimated the cumulative effect of having on-the-job trainees at literally everywhere on the offensive staff, outside of TE coach. You can live with one or two, but not everywhere. Bill O'Brien is the obvious name...
  11. EL Jeffe

    Marcus Jones role going forward

    I actually think he might make a really good FS and Dev replacement. He's very fast, has plenty of range, has exceptional ball skills and he tackles pretty well. He had some FS snaps at U Houston and Bill is certainly onboard with converting CBs to FSs. My biggest concern with moving him to FS...
  12. EL Jeffe

    Patriots Roster Cutdown Thread 2022: Deadline August 30, 4 pm

    Wait, what? This makes absolutely zero sense to me. We're an offseason removed from Bill handing out (at the time) an NFL record $160 million in guaranteed money to free agent signings. You think he wasn't trying to add top-end talent there? He gave Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith...
  13. EL Jeffe

    Expectations for the 2022 Pats

    I went with 7-8 wins, but like IK mentioned above, there's a wide range of outcomes here. OL depth and pass rush are my biggest concerns, but I'm not sure either one is a fatal flaw (with OL more likely to be the fatal flaw of the two). Those two areas could both end up being fine as well...
  14. EL Jeffe

    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    If the reports of Agholor looking like the player NE thought they were getting are (and remain true), I could definitely see them moving off of Meyers for the $4m and whatever asset they get in return. Particularly is Thornton and/or Nixon look like they're playable this year. Meyers has a...
  15. EL Jeffe

    Borrowing Trouble....What happens to YOU If Bogaerts and Devers Go the Way of Mookie?

    To answer the OP/thread title: what happens to me if X and Devers get traded? Nothing, really. I don't really get invested in the individual players anymore. Even watching Brady in Tampa, it was like, okay. Life went on. I just want the team to be competitive and in position to contend as often...
  16. EL Jeffe

    Mayfield to Carolina

    NE has Carolina's 3rd round pick next year, so I was hoping Baker would go to Seattle instead. I doubt Baker moves the needle much for Carolina, but he's almost certainly a better winning option for them than Darnold or Corral.
  17. EL Jeffe

    Summer League 2022

    This has to be the worst Celtics summer roster in a while. I guess the good news is that Davison and Begarin should get plenty of run, and Hauser will have a chance to be a primary scorer for a few games.
  18. EL Jeffe

    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    Brad might be the best GM in the NBA. He's smart, aggressive, and creative. And he doesn't leak. IMO, Ainge only had 2 of those 4 qualities. I was so dismissive of people who said they needed an upgrade at PG. And I was so wrong. I didn't see how they'd upgrade White and the Brad goes out and...
  19. EL Jeffe

    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    I'd be awfully worried about KD bailing after two seasons. There's a little bit of a pattern at this point. I voted not sure and I'm still not sure. That sort of trade could make sense but they really aren't far away with the corps they have so the gamble would be pretty big.
  20. EL Jeffe

    2021-22 NBA In-Season News/Transactions

    View: Trevion Williams (Purdue) will be with Boston for Summer League. Skilled big, but he'll have a heck of a time trying to guard NBA players.