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  1. Jeff Van GULLY

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Local tv sports guy here in nola, he has some sources but mainly loves the trade machine and he loves Tatum. Been riding the Celtics as the trade partner for a year.
  2. Jeff Van GULLY

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Very interesting what the Lakers and Knicks do if AD is traded somewhere else. Do they punt again and roll cap space for AD in summer of ‘20 or try to sign max FA’s now?
  3. Jeff Van GULLY

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    I'm so very glad he is going to survive. The idea that David Ortiz may have to wear a ostomy bag or have some other sort of debilitation for the rest of his life is infuriating. I am hoping for a full recovery.
  4. Jeff Van GULLY

    Race horse deaths

    Two more horses dead this weekend at Santa Anita. California horse racing board asked them to suspend operations and they refused. Real ugly stuff.
  5. Jeff Van GULLY

    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    And conceivably would still have the ammo for Davis (Tatum+) this year.
  6. Jeff Van GULLY

    5 Star Hoops Recruit to Skip College

    The New Zealand Breakers are the team partly owned by Barstool, Big Cat and PFT.
  7. Jeff Van GULLY

    2019 Draft

    Popeye's started in New Orleans by restaurateur Al Copeland who was a celebrity and fixture in New Orleans culture. It's a huge chain now but it is decidedly New Orleans and easily the most popular fried chicken chain in the city.
  8. Jeff Van GULLY

    2019 Draft

    I would expect the Celtics to try and package picks to move up. I can’t see them selecting three rookies unless Kyrie/Horford are gone.
  9. Jeff Van GULLY

    Poor New England! So Far From Boston, So Close to the Kraft Family: The Revolution 2019

    Changing GM or coach doesn't really matter if the resources aren't there though. I guess, if you're a Revs fan, you hope for Arena because there will be a certain level of investment in other areas of the franchise that he will demand to get the job. It's more about that than Arena himself.
  10. Jeff Van GULLY

    2019 Off season -- Add a superstar, or subtract one?

    If Kyrie walks and AD is here, trader Danny will bring other talent on to the team.
  11. Jeff Van GULLY

    5/6 vs. Bucks G4

    Will be interesting to see the Celtics win in OT with no Kyrie.
  12. Jeff Van GULLY

    5/6 vs. Bucks G4

    Ugly stuff
  13. Jeff Van GULLY

    5/6 vs. Bucks G4

    Good lord this is bad.
  14. Jeff Van GULLY

    Damien Harris: Adding to the stable

    Doesn’t Harris take the Jeremy Hill role? Pats had planned for similar backfield structure last year.
  15. Jeff Van GULLY

    2019 NFL Draft Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    They are expected to have 13 picks in 2020 including compensatory selections.