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  1. dirtynine

    Messi to MLS!

    Agreed. But you never know once MLS starts making special rules. View: I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing about some new roster / salary amendments that only apply to teams wearing pink.
  2. dirtynine

    Messi to MLS!

    FIFA is expanding the Club World Cup in ‘25 and wants it to be a bigger deal. If I squint I could see Messi dragging Miami to qualification in ‘24 and making a run, and everybody paying attention to that (otherwise generally ignored) tournament. He won it with Barca of course.
  3. dirtynine

    Messi to MLS!

    Sounds like he could be getting a cut of streaming revenue as a part of the deal. Pretty smart from both sides if true.
  4. dirtynine

    Apple Vision Pro AR Headset

    I want "this", but not like this, if that makes sense. Much like the Apple watch, it will probably get significantly more interesting / worth it at version 3-4.
  5. dirtynine

    Life is a Beach - Summer 2023 Transfer

    Rumors that Mac Allister to Liverpool is close.
  6. dirtynine

    Toucher and Rich

    I’m not in recovery but Fred didn’t sound like what I’d expect somebody who just went through that should sound. Hearing him at all, after hearing what happened this weekend and week, didn’t make me feel good. He may have to work for financial reasons but I kinda wish he wouldn’t. He sounds very...
  7. dirtynine

    The Thunder Down Under: Women’s Soccer & the 2023 World Cup

    The “FC” in the wordmark is comically small. Round logo is pretty good. Like the name, though. Simple is good sometimes. They are making an entire identity out of 5 letters. I dig that.
  8. dirtynine

    Toucher and Rich

    Finn kind of confirms the Fred/Friday idea View:
  9. dirtynine

    Pats lose 2 days of OTAs for violation of league policy

    It is interesting to think about how much correlation there is between team success in the NFL (winning Super Bowls) and percentage of players in any given season who just voluntarily want to do more than the contractually have to, or work on team stuff during their own time. Maybe that’s a real...
  10. dirtynine

    Pats OTA Notes & Discussion

    I can’t believe we don’t yet have the tech to either grow real grass inside, or make an artificial or hybrid surface that’s exactly as good or better than grass for safety and feel. Are surfaces still improving? Going from neon green astroturf to FieldTurf was a big improvement, but that was 20...
  11. dirtynine

    Toucher and Rich

    Just listened to Rich's update and reading between the lines, I'm a little surprised if Fred is really planning to be back on Friday. I hope he's prioritizing his mental health. Deleting socials is a positive sign I suppose.
  12. dirtynine

    USMNT: Soccer's Coming Home

    That Nashville match is tempting
  13. dirtynine

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    Hey thanks @candylandriots. It’s the dream for all the clubs like us, right? I’d definitely, hypothetically, pull for Palace in Europe (if only to tire them out for the PL, heh). And Union should keep you busy on the continent, right? Should be a fun one next year.
  14. dirtynine

    NFL: News and transactions

    For a while I was sure he’d be cut. Now, who knows.
  15. dirtynine

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    That will look great in domestic competition;)
  16. dirtynine

    USMNT: Soccer's Coming Home

    Slovakia - USA at 2pm ET in the U20 World Cup, if you need an excuse to kick off you holiday weekend a bit early
  17. dirtynine

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Raekwon McMillan to IR
  18. dirtynine

    USMNT: Soccer's Coming Home

    Could Hudson win himself into contention? Two stylish tourney victories would be a nice calling card.
  19. dirtynine

    Toucher and Rich

    If somebody could have an intervention with Wallach re. his use of the word “Jesus” I’d supply the folding chairs
  20. dirtynine

    A’s have signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a future ballpark in Las Vegas.

    The mutual proximity is nice, but the area is a wasteland of parking lots. It kinda sucks. The Sixers are trying to move into Center City and I hope they pull it off.