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  1. teds_head

    Bruins Offseason

    Assuming the B's sign Swayman and Frederic for a combined $6M (give or take), it leaves them with about $3.5M in cap space to fill something like 6-8 spots. Assume they also buy out Reilly ($333K cap hit), and promote a few guys from the minors (some of Steen, Lauko, Lohrei, Merkulov, etc.) just...
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    Stanley Cup Final

    It slipped my mind about the 2017 expansion draft steal where Vegas agreed to draft Jonathan Marchessault instead of Florida defensemen Mark Pysyk or Alex Petrovic, and in agreeing to do so Florida also traded Reilly Smith to Vegas for a 4th round pick. 6 years later and it's still paying...
  3. teds_head

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    Dans Locmelis scored his first goal at the World Hockey Championships to help Latvia upset Sweden. While none of the teams were exactly star-studded, it leaves a final four of USA, Canada, Latvia and Germany. I don't think many would have predicted those last 2 teams.
  4. teds_head

    The New Salary Cap Thread

    With the Bruins having to make significant changes to meet cap restraints next season, any bump above the $1M projected increase will would help. Johnston : "With the NHL and NHLPA in...
  5. teds_head

    Tilt: Game Over

    Kudos on the thread title btw. Keeping that one in the back pocket for years? ;)
  6. teds_head

    Round 1 - Florida

    For this series, I was really expecting Barkov to be more impactful than he has been (in relation to Tkachuk and Bennett who have been impactful - good or bad). I'm not complaining of course, but for someone who is generally regarded by his peers as among both most complete and most underrated...
  7. teds_head

    East Round 1

    Those Canes uniforms are so drab. They look like overstock from when the USSR dismantled in the 80’s.
  8. teds_head

    West Round 1

    Morrissey out for the rest of the first round with a LBI. Big blow for Winnipeg. He’s their best defenseman and second in team scoring.
  9. teds_head

    East Round 1

    Must have hockey on the brain. I read this and for a second thought “Taylor Hall and Adam Oates have a song? Wtf? - oh, wait, never mind”
  10. teds_head

    East Round 1

    Nazem Bunting
  11. teds_head

    Round 1 - Florida

    If you go the VPN route, and select a Canadian location, CBC Sports is airing the first 3 Bruins-Panthers games, but not the 4th. No schedule out yet past Game 4.
  12. teds_head

    April NHL game thread (regular season)

    The Penguins streak of making the playoffs ends at 16 consecutive seasons. The new streak is now shared by 2 teams...
  13. teds_head

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    That Habs team also had 9 hall of famers in the lineup, not including the coach and GM which makes the total 11. That season would be the 12th consecutive time the Habs would beat the Bruins when facing them in a playoff matchup. The streak would go to 18 until the B's ended it in 1988. I...
  14. teds_head

    Let's Predict the 2023 Red Sox Season

    81-81 -Team leader in Wins? Pivetta (yuck) -Team leader in Saves? Jansen -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? Whitlock -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Yoshida -Team leader in HR? Devers -Team leader in Stolen Bases? Mondesi -Team leader in HBP? Devers -Player who plays the majority...
  15. teds_head

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    Good info as always, thanks!
  16. teds_head

    Bruins Prospect News and Notes

    If Lohrei signs, does that means the B's won't have any roster/contract spots left to sign any NCAA free agents? Would be nice to sign another Merkulov/McLaughlin-type for added depth.
  17. teds_head

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    Greer to have a hearing for his crosscheck on Hoffman. I'm guessing 2 games. View...
  18. teds_head

    March NHL News Thread

    Maybe he's a believer in leprechauns, or he's a really big Skittles fan, and before this year thought the rainbow uniforms represented something else.
  19. teds_head

    March NHL News Thread

    Hmmm, would I rather follow the TB12 diet, or Jacob Chychrun's? "I'm also eating raw liver, raw beef heart, doing all this crazy stuff," admitted Chychrun this week. "The taste is awful, but your body...
  20. teds_head

    What's Different in the Playoffs

    I think the amount of hitting is definitely a factor in playoff hockey vs regular season. Edmonton was in pseudo "playoff mode" last night against the Bruins - they had just lost to them at home and are jockeying for position down the stretch, and they are playing the best team in the league...