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  1. redsoxedmunds24

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    Trying to decide on my options now for service. Not sure about some of the streaming services as of yet but not satisfied with the prices I’m being quoted with Comcast. I understand calling retentions to cancel service gets the best deals to keep you as they have more power to make offers but...
  2. redsoxedmunds24

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    They said weeks ago to stop doing it to the other shows on the station and Zo said no keep them coming as he has several times along the way so they’ve kept going with it. I guess Beetle doesn’t want to go at his co host about this.
  3. redsoxedmunds24

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    They said they are hoping to have Meriweather in at some point this season. He has other obligations like his restaurant and didn’t have time to do the weekly gig.
  4. redsoxedmunds24

    2018 Patriots Rumors: Game Thread

    What time was the Edelman post on Wednesday? Someone had called Zo and Bertrand around 11:30-12 Wednesday about it. If this reddit guy really was making it up it may not have been a wild guess as much as it was jumping on the caller earlier in the day
  5. redsoxedmunds24

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    It’s pretty common that Bird doesn’t call him and Fred went right in on calling him an idiot which is probably why Bird snapped. He’s tired of being made fun of and called an idiot. It’s obvious Bird’s not good at the job and if Fred is tired of and wants to fire him he should just do it instead...
  6. redsoxedmunds24

    Finals - Pens and Preds

    What were the Preds fans yelling at the Pens players after each player was introduced?
  7. redsoxedmunds24

    Jets @ Bruins

    Did Hayes really get 2 shifts on that long power play?
  8. redsoxedmunds24

    Sabres @ Bruins

    Anyone else X1 freeze up? Been frozen 10 minutes now
  9. redsoxedmunds24

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Can't see other crap for me too
  10. redsoxedmunds24

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    Rich said he's double checked with a couple sources who are both in agreement with what he was talking about. Fred and Rich agree the sources are trustworthy for the info
  11. redsoxedmunds24

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    So is this is America's version of 911 on Chara?
  12. redsoxedmunds24

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    Did they ever mention Al Kaprielian after the 1st break? They were talking about how they had him on some years ago and Fred sang to him. Wallach had no knowledge of this and they were debating whether to play the bit and if they could even find Al's reaction which was supposedly great.
  13. redsoxedmunds24

    Game 2: Le Bleu, Blanc et Rouge Wedding.

    Anyone know when exactly is puck drop? I know in the NBC 1st round games they were starting 3:20 for the 3pm games. Are we looking at 12:50?
  14. redsoxedmunds24

    2014 Playoff Tickets On Sale 4/4 @ 11am

    What do they charge season ticket holders per ticket for this round?
  15. redsoxedmunds24

    3/30 Bruins @ Flyers

    Working again. Finally
  16. redsoxedmunds24

    3/30 Bruins @ Flyers

    Figures. This smells like comcast being cheap and screwing customers. This is the exact same looking problem I had a few years ago with the HD channel on MLB extra innings at certain times. After a month of hassle I was told they "blacked out" at certain times. Wouldn't be surprised if they are...
  17. redsoxedmunds24

    3/30 Bruins @ Flyers

    Is this just a comcast issue or is do some of you having this issue have another carrier?
  18. redsoxedmunds24

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Did anyone see the miami heat plays they flashed on the screen today? Half caught it where they flashed 2 plays they got in email where they got one guy dribble dribble shoot while guys spread out and then they flashed a similar play where 4 guys gather off to the side in a prayer circle.. I'm...