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  1. TomBrunansky23

    4/17 City of Dreams

    See you in 10 days or so Christian. My goodness.
  2. TomBrunansky23

    The Ringer

    Orsillo on "The Press Box" pod today. Just starting to listen to it...the intro promised him discussing his departure from the Red Sox.
  3. TomBrunansky23

    Dirty Water TV to possibly merge with Yinzer TV

    This potential arrangement actually reminds me of what happened after the Empire Sports Network folded in the wake of the Adelphia collapse and the sabres wound up on MSG.
  4. TomBrunansky23

    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    If Xander is worth that on the open market, why would Devers not try it himself. Oh well. No way in hell would I want the Red Sox saddled with that contract.
  5. TomBrunansky23

    I love the smell of burning oil in the morning - The Formula 1 2022 season

    Verstappen is a cyborg, an absolutely remorseless personality. He could give a damn whether Perez lives or dies unless he's directly aiding Max to get what he wants. I think there's trouble afoot in Milton Keynes.
  6. TomBrunansky23

    Your First Sports Illustrated Issue

    No idea what the first issue was, but my then 9 year old younger brother subscribed without my parents knowing, and we got this videotape as our free gift: View: We watched it roughly one million times on the VCR, and had our subscription for the next 15 years...
  7. TomBrunansky23

    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract I read Cashman and Boone's remarks to say that IKF will not be the solution going forward, and their top prospect (Volpe is who I think you are referring to) won't be ready for 2023. It's not a lot different than...
  8. TomBrunansky23

    Fenway Sports Group Selling Liverpool

    From across the pond:
  9. TomBrunansky23

    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    I have zero faith in his return. In the long run it's probably the best baseball decision. In the short term, it's gonna hurt, especially if he ends up in the Bronx as I fear he will.
  10. TomBrunansky23

    Philadelphia vs Houston - World Series thread

    Spikes as God intended...whole team wears the same color and polished to perfection. When men were men.
  11. TomBrunansky23

    Green Fields of the Mind

    I think that was two or three years ago. Last year, many of us waited to see it from her but we didn't, so @BroodsSexton had to bump the thread she started. I did it this year. It is a tradition, after all. I love listening to Giamatti read it himself. It's perfection. I tear up every...
  12. TomBrunansky23

    Green Fields of the Mind

    I'll bump it. The sadness of the end of one season gives way to the excitement of what's to come over the offseason into the next. Wherever BoSoxLady is, I hope she's doing well.
  13. TomBrunansky23

    Mookie details Boston exit

    It continues to amaze me that Mookie keeps...talking...about...Boston. Over and over, it seems. Is he trying to make us feel better, or himself? How has his representation not convinced him to let it go? You're in LA, pal. A world champion* there and maybe about to make history by winning...
  14. TomBrunansky23

    What does 2023 look like?

    Did anyone else catch Shank's column from yesterday - the one where he recommends the Red Sox sign X, Devers, Judge, and anything and everything else available on the market?
  15. TomBrunansky23

    A Tip of the Cap to Mr. Castiglione

    God bless WTIC...snuck the radio into bed many a night when I was a kid to listen all the way from Rochester.
  16. TomBrunansky23

    I love the smell of burning oil in the morning - The Formula 1 2022 season

    The Red Bull engineer made a remark about the throttle getting stuck and then... oops the sound dropped out. Crofty tried to cover for it by claiming "technical difficulties." Uh huh. I thought Nico Rosberg made a good point post race about the wind being a potential factor and eating into the...
  17. TomBrunansky23

    HOF Induction Ceremony 2022 (Big Papi)

    I'm struck by the irony of the betting odds scrolling along the bottom of the screen during this ceremony. Hard not to think of Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe.
  18. TomBrunansky23

    Borrowing Trouble....What happens to YOU If Bogaerts and Devers Go the Way of Mookie?

    I am a Red Sox fan and I will die as such with the same level of insanity and bellicosity as I have always had since October of 1986 when as a punk 8 year old I told every Mets "fan" on my school bus to F off. They have been a part of my soul ever since. I'm beyond past the point of wanting to...
  19. TomBrunansky23

    Red Sox in season discussion

    This is where I am. This is not a competitive setup right now.
  20. TomBrunansky23

    Jonah Keri arrested, charged with assault on his wife

    CBC interview with the victim. Holy shit is all I can say. Keri was/is a monster.