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    Not Being a Joker, We Need A The Finals Thread

    Lowry is the only Miami player I really detest, and I like Spo. As much as it sucks for us C's fans, the Heat has become an incredible story this postseason.
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    Sam Cassell to join Celtics coaching staff

    You misspelled Yam Madar ...
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    Joe Mazzulla officially named head coach

    One hundred percent. It doesn't make them bad coaches, but I hate that Ime and, now, Mazzulla never seem to have a twinkle in their eyes. People with no apparent sense of humor get old quickly.
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    The Celtics Offseason

    View: Say what you will about his on-court antics, but Draymond Green has a high basketball IQ.
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    Danilo Gallinari to the Celtics

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    The Celtics Offseason

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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    That was a huge swing.
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    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    Not trying to defend the officiating, but unless the game is stopped after every call for a video reviews, the refs are going to miss some calls. We should be thankful in this case that these missed calls didn't cost the C's the game. It would have been nice for Tatum to have gotten two free...
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    In-season NBA news thread

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    5/25 - Walking Dead

    Pritchard didn't need to jack up that 3 so early in the shot clock.
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    5/25 - Walking Dead

    That'll do it.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    I like Strus. He competes.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    If I'm Tatum, I'm telling Joe to put me back in. This is the season.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    I keep waiting for Jaylen to snap out of his funk. It may not happen this season.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    Because he gets every fucking whistle.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    Seems like the C's playoff opponents have shot 85 percent from the line.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    His finishing is insane.
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    5/23 @ Miami "Not today...?"

    So many missed free throws.