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    Tom Brady is retiring

    If we remove Gronk from how those stats are framed, the Gronk-less games become a random sample of games which mostly (40 out of 73 by my count) took place when Brady was 42-45 years old, while the Gronk games are a sample of games which mostly took place when Brady was in his 30s, so we'd...
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    Which Batter is More Productive?

    Player A is more productive - according to linear weights models like wOBA, doubles, triples and home runs are respectively worth approximately 1.4, 1.8 and 2.4 times as many runs as singles. Since slugging percentage places more weight on extra base hits than they are actually worth when it...
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    2023 Hall of Fame ballot

    I checked all of the players elected by the BBWAA since 2000, the following have 0 black ink (based on BB Reference's tabulation, see here): Rolen Ivan Rodriguez Mike Piazza (he did lead the league in OPS+ twice but that apparently doesn't count) Barry Larkin Tony Perez Special shout-outs to...
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    Celebrating what is

    That seems like a massive overstatement. The Patriots made 9 playoff appearances and 2 super bowl appearances in the Super Bowl era pre-Brady. Meanwhile the Saints didn't even win their first playoff game until 2000! They might not have even been among the 5 worst NFL franchises post-merger...
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    Wild Card Weekend game thread

    To be fair that poster was off by an order of magnitude, the bet was equivalent to wagering $140 to win $1.10, not $0.11
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    2023 Hall of Fame ballot

    Not sure how you read my post and thought I was criticizing him for having too much power or other skills LMAO. He's just a notch below HoF worthy in my opinion. If he kept up his level of 2000-04 performance for a couple more years he'd probably be a shoo-in. His 2005-11 slash line of...
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    2023 Hall of Fame ballot

    I don't think Helton's case is nearly as good as Walker's, had 10.9 fewer WAR than Walker despite having ~1400 more plate appearances. I don't think I would vote for him, he was elite for around 5 years but then his power numbers fell off a cliff starting in 2005. Even though he still had a good...
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    What are the best/most useful baseball stats

    Fair enough... offense was down in MLB in 2022 compared to 2018 so Judge will have the advantage in stats that adjust for run-scoring environment, even though Betts' raw numbers were slightly better .
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    What are the best/most useful baseball stats

    You mean about Mookie 2018 having a better offensive season than Judge 2022? Not sure why you would think that, anybody who looks at their batting and baserunning stats will probably reach the same conclusion. Judge had a slight lead in OPS (1.111 vs 1.078) but Betts had 14 more stolen bases...
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    How long will Chaim last?

    So if Bloom had spent $280 million to re-sign Bogaerts and he was hitting .300 for them instead of the Padres, and the Sox were 6 games under on July 4th instead of 10 games under due to X being worth approximately 2 more wins and 2 fewer losses over half a season than Wendle, would Bloom's job...
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    Hall of Fame establishes "Contemporary Era" ballot

    If Bonds and Clemens get in then Palmeiro should be in as well, obviously he wasn't quite on their level but he's still a slam dunk hall of famer if you're willing to forgive people for using steroids.
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    Albert Pujols Watch

    What is HR/ delta P??
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    Albert Pujols Watch

    Williams missed most of '53 serving in Korea as well. He would've had an outside shot at 700 if he didn't miss any time serving. He also likely would've led the AL in OBP 19 consecutive years if he had managed to stay healthy in 1950 and 55 as well.
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    Judge’s March To 62 Homers

    Is there any actual evidence that Sosa used PEDs or does everyone just assume he did because he transformed from a good-great home run hitter into an otherworldly one? And do they assume he started using in 1998? He also put up some eye-popping numbers in 1996 - 40 HR in the Cubs first 124 games...
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    Albert Pujols Watch

    How many players in MLB history do you think have managed to hit 300 homers between their age 32-41 seasons? From a quick check on the all time leader list, the only ones I see that pulled that off are Aaron, Ruth and a handful of roiders. (Including Mark Mcgwire, despite the fact that he only...
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    Build an All-Star team with just your initials

    1B: Al Zarilla 2B: Al Zarilla 3B: Al Zarilla SS: Al Zarilla LF: Al Zarilla CF: Al Zarilla RF: Al Zarilla C: Al Zarilla P: Al Zarilla
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    Seymour is active

    How can somebody be too tall to play tackle
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    20 years ago today...

    The Fred Coleman 3rd down conversion that the called incomplete has always stuck in my mind. Just an unfathomably stupidly incorrect call that could have been the difference between the Pats winning and losing. I didn't remember that they reviewed the call and STILL got it wrong. Also, after 20...
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    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round game thread

    But if they played with zero urgency then after OT starts they would still need a TD to prevent the other team from getting a possession. So obviously it would be preferable to win in regulation.
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    Wild Card Weekend game thread (non-Pats)

    That seems too risky, I assume that they don't practice a play designed to lose 60 yards very often and a lot can go wrong there compared to most intentional safety plays which occur when the team is already backed up. And even if they ran it successfully they're still doing a free kick from...