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  1. Steve Dillard

    Officiating and Replay Crisis

    Except the next two games
  2. Steve Dillard

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    All the talk about headshots but the biggest impact is the late hits (finishing the check) that is being allowed. It is pure interference and takes the skilled guys off the play. When combined with the multiple strides to get there (which is usually why the hit is late) it disrupts by slowing...
  3. Steve Dillard

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    Chara not helping. Understndably avoiding hits
  4. Steve Dillard

    Super Bowl LIII - We’re on to Los Angeles (again)

    I wish Dorsett hadn't broken his arm forcing them to play Hogan
  5. Steve Dillard

    AFC Championship Game - We’re on to Kansas City

    First and goal from the one with 10 seconds left or ahead with 40 seconds? I don’t trust the defense in the least. I say next time you don’t leave time even if it puts you at risk.
  6. Steve Dillard

    Week 6 - Chiefs @ Patriots

    Would the clock resume running on a catch v penalty?
  7. Steve Dillard

    Robinson Cano suspended for steroids

    The story we allways hear is that players are hounded not to go to doctors not approved by the teams. Saying "I went to a doctor in the DR for medical treatment.." really is more of a red flag.
  8. Steve Dillard

    Markelle Fultz, Year Two: Blass, Ankiel, Knoblauch...or cheese fries?

    To make it a true 1980 (already win the 1 for 3 swap) we need to win the "plus" -- Robert Parrish, or in this case, the Sacramento pick.
  9. Steve Dillard

    2018 Gronk Watch

    I get my local boston takes from this board, supplemented by the occasional talk with my brother-in-law in Boston. I tend to ignore the ESPN melodrama pieces. So when I met BIL a few weeks ago, he reported as a well-known fact that the Garropollo trade was the evidence of the Kraft/BB/Brady...
  10. Steve Dillard

    30 for 30

    I actually took that to be a sign of what little personal relationship they have now. They talked a good game about the professional mentorship, and the story ended by trying to push the "I love you guy" angle, but all of the interaction between them was not the least bit warm. It was like a...
  11. Steve Dillard

    SBLII: The Brady Watch

    Sorry. Should have read up.
  12. Steve Dillard

    SBLII: The Brady Watch

    Am I correct in assuming that with his thumb injury, that if gripping the ball is an issue, it would benefit him if they could somehow make the football a bit softer?
  13. Steve Dillard

    Hockey 101: How to Identify Quality Defense It is easy to focus on defense as if it is a static situation, so that a player who muscles up the forward along the boards is viewed as valuable. But unlike basketball, where there is a defined...
  14. Steve Dillard

    Celtics Draft Jayson Tatum at #3

    James Worthy? A bit more of a shooter, less of a downlow slithering guy, but some of those swoops remind me...
  15. Steve Dillard

    Goodell’s Extension: Back to the Mail Room?

    These guys are supposed to be visionaries? They're like a petulant bunch of kids who don't pay attention to the facts or process, and don't care about process until the arbitrary and unfair process involves them, then turn around and want the Commish to be equally arbitrary and unfair with...
  16. Steve Dillard

    Mike'd Up: The Mike Francesa Show

    Homer Bart and Maggie?
  17. Steve Dillard

    2017-18 injury thread - people are skating but who knows when they'll play

    Sure. Barzal is a talented offensive center. Was a consensus top 5 pick going into the draft. Hurt his kneecap his draft year, and doubts about his perimiter style got him to drop out of the top 10. Most of us fans, as evidenced by the posts I quoted, felt that his season was an outlier, and...
  18. Steve Dillard

    2017-18 injury thread - people are skating but who knows when they'll play

    Seriously, just dismissing the concept as a "fly by?" Seems like the 3-pick was a core of the rebuild, and two years out seems like a decent spot to check on the decision that was (as seen by the contemporaneous posts) pretty off-the-boad by both those in the industry and us Bs fans. They're...
  19. Steve Dillard

    2017-18 injury thread - people are skating but who knows when they'll play

    Just imagine how they could handle the injuries if they could call up Mat Barzal (NYI #2 center) or Kyle Conner (Winnipeg #2 center) rather than Senyshyn and Zobril.
  20. Steve Dillard

    Jimmy G to 49ers for 2nd round pick

    Do they have someone on D who they will throw in? A second and an immediate help D player makes a bit more sense.