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  1. GoDa

    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    A lot of you are bummed, but I'm happy the C's didn't beat that offer.
  2. GoDa

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    This isn't "wild speculation." The information coming out of the DR (by the minute) is all pointing in a direction that we're talking about.
  3. GoDa

    Kevin Durant Offseason Thread

    I wouldn't touch him. If he returns as 75% or 80% of the player he is now - that might be a good player and someone to add to the mix for a team that is right there, but not a guy I'd want to build around or give max money. Even if he returns at 90%, he has still dropped back a tier. Someone...
  4. GoDa

    David Ortiz in Hospital with Gunshot Wound?

    @Mueller's Twin Grannies If the motive is in the ballpark, it wouldn't be the first time I've known of a prominent Boston athlete linked up with (at least, briefly) a beautiful girl with some unsavory connections that would certainly make me think twice. But, certain people run in certain...
  5. GoDa

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    If they win - do Lebron and others try to figure a way to make it to Toronto to win a title?
  6. GoDa

    Pedroia Predictions

    If he's never going to play again, what's the damage of releasing Pedroia? I don't want him clogging up a spot someone of even marginal utility could occupy.
  7. GoDa

    2019 NY Jets: Why Are You Laughing at Us? (Jets Hire Adam Gase!)

    I'm with Gace on Bell. He'll probably have a reasonably productive first season (though not at Pittsburgh levels), then spend the rest of his contract fat and oft-injured.
  8. GoDa

    2019 Draft

    I wouldn't be upset if the C's used a pick on Fall. I feel like there's something there worth exploring.
  9. GoDa

    May 11 Seattle at Fenway Part 2

    Why'd Leon bunt that? JBJ had that base stolen.
  10. GoDa

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    You know that's what I was thinking, but the remote was clear across the room when it switched. But... you're right, the SAP option was activated.
  11. GoDa

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Am I the only one that has been getting a Spanish broadcast for the last 10 mins?
  12. GoDa

    4/28 #2.2.1 @ MIL

    Glad the C's didn't trade Hayward for a bag of balls.
  13. GoDa

    N'Keal Harry WR Arizona State Rd1 Pk32

    He looks like he'll be pretty good at catching all of Brady's off-target duck throws.
  14. GoDa

    2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    Plays hard. Shows up for meetings.
  15. GoDa

    2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    I want some guy all the draftniks have graded a 4th rounder.
  16. GoDa

    April 9, 2019 - RINGS AND BANNER DAY World Champion Boston Red Sox v. Taranna Bluebirds

    Couldn't wait for him to throw just a single "Chris Sale"-looking start before offering that contract, huh?
  17. GoDa

    4/6 - We’re onto Arizona

    Who is this guy!?!? Literally nothing he just said about JBJ made an ounce of sense. Learning to hit the ball to the big part of the ballpark?!??! Huh?
  18. GoDa

    4/6 - We’re onto Arizona

    Who is reading these commercials? Did someone win a fan contest?
  19. GoDa

    4/2 We Stink

    Run hard out of the box, kids.
  20. GoDa

    4/2 We Stink

    He didn't get to the base with his hand.