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  1. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    I think the “hip impingement” is a BS diagnosis in his case that gives them a chance to get him some innings in Pawtucket as opposed to just relieving him. His chronic condition, however, is The Suck.
  2. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Pedroia Predictions

    Maybe a partial. Sounds like isolated patellofemoral arthritis
  3. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Pedroia Predictions

    I hate to be the voice of medical pessimism here... but he’s done. All the rest in the world isn’t going to make his knee better. He went the surgical route and it didn’t work well enough for him. He’ll likely end up with more surgery at some point, but it will be to allow him to live his day...
  4. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Eovaldi to the IL

    He’ll almost definitely need a scope and 2-3 months out. They’re not going to dick around with that elbow after signing him for four years
  5. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Pedroia Predictions

    This far out from that surgery, he’s not going to turn any corner. He’s as good as he’s gonna get, and that clearly isn’t going to be good enough. It’s a shitty way for him to go out, no doubt
  6. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    Your overall point stands, but Wynn had an Achilles - he should be good to go fully by training camp and really shouldn't have any long-term effects
  7. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Boston Sports Word Association

    1. Game 6 Koji closing it out at home 2. Bucky F#$&ing Dent 3. #24 Manny 4. Most hated rival team Yankees 5. Most hated rival athlete Eli Manning 6. Most hated rival athlete you also respect(ed) the most Mariano Rivera 7. Boston sports moment you'd most like to have back Rodney not destroying...
  8. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Patriots Footnotes

    Same day as the Ortiz grand slam in Game 2. I was at both. Remind me to never complain about anything related to sports ever again.
  9. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    SB53: Prediction Thread

    1. Who wins and what is the score? Pats, 38-24 2. Who is the MVP? Brady 3. Which team scores first? Pats, Sony Michel 4. How many yards/TDs/INTs for Brady? 327/3/1 5. How many yards/TDs/INTs for Goff? 271/2/3 6. Who has the most rushing yards for the pats? How many? Michel, 124 7...
  10. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    SB53: Pats vs. Rams Buildup

    That was a hell of a game. Same day the Sox beat the Rockies in game 4, too. What a day to be alive.
  11. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    Celebrating What Is: Favorite Iconic Moment

    It's silly, but Martellus Bennett dancing with the cheerleaders after the 2016 AFCCG to Whitney Houston's "I Want to Dance With Somebody" was such a moment of unfettered joy.
  12. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread: NFCCG

    They're gonna play until someone wins, they could go to 60 minute overtimes and it wouldn't matter
  13. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread: NFCCG

    I'm smelling a Rams defensive score here
  14. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread: NFCCG

    Everyone should have surgery. On everything. $10!
  15. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    AFC Divisional Round - We're on to San Die-...Los Angeles

    Just got to the Putnam Club, Varitek is here. That’s gotta be a good omen
  16. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - Divisional Round

    Brees vs Brady would be epic from a pure football and hype/buildup standpoint
  17. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    AFC Divisional Buildup: Chargers vs. Pats

    I was on call as a resident for that one- the cold worked in my favor because it was too cold for anyone to go outside and break anything. Got to watch it from the warmth of my call room
  18. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    AFC Divisional Round - We're on to San Die-...Los Angeles

    Not to belabor the obvious here, but... It’s cold. Like, COLD.
  19. DaveRoberts'Shoes

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - WC Round

    That's definitely the fourth sign of the apocalypse