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  1. Rice4HOF

    Unusual plays

    Astros / Mariners tonight. Runners on 1st and 3rd for Houston with 1 out. Ground ball to shortstop who instead of going for an inning ending double play, throws the ball towards home. Might have had the lead runner out easily, but the catcher was running to cover the throw to 1st base, so the...
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    May MLB game thread

    Wait, how much were the Cubs trailing by if Sosa had 7 at bats just in the 16th inning? And the catcher must have dropped at least 4 of those third strikes to let the inning keep going.
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    Unusual plays

  4. Rice4HOF

    Unusual plays

    I remember that well. I can’t remember the runner out at 3rd, but it was definitely Nixon at the plate. It was 100% his fault - all he had to do was run full speed instead of jogging the last half to the plate - but he didn’t get any criticism because he was a dirt dog. Or something. edit...
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    I mean, I could have just cheated and googled it too I suppose ;) Thanks for the link, appreciate it.
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    I don't think I've seen this mentioned anywhere (maybe it has, and I've missed it), but on Thursday I was in Chicago and because of the rain there was no on-field batting practice. However, before the game, the Red Sox were hitting soft toss indoors in a cage. There was a hole in the fence where...
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    5/2- The F'in Other Sox

    I left my house at 5 AM to catch a flight to Chicago to watch this game. The Red Sox were on a 9 game losing streak with me in the stands, that was broken thanks to Mitch Moreland in Seattle the 2nd game of the season. Hope that turned the tide for me. Please don’t get rained out tonight, and...
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    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall

    Um, 2.000 is his slugging, added to his 1.000 OBP gives him a 3.000 OPS!
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    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    Bad break, but not a bad call. If the batter-runner interferes on an uncaught third strike, he’s out and it’s a dead ball (in case there are other runners on base).
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    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    Not disputing the ridiculousness of it, but per the rulebook, this is correct. Couple of rules apply: Rule 3.03 Comment: A pitcher may change to another position only once during the same inning; e.g. the pitcher will not be allowed to assume a position other than a pitcher more than once in...
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    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    I remember the Pirates doing that with Kent Tekulve in the late 70s. Chuck Tanner put him in left field to bring in a lefty for a batter with 2 outs in the 9th. That batter hit a fly ball to Tekulve. He caught it no problem to end the game.
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    Unusual plays

    How about this one. Runners on 1st and 2nd, and a successful sac bunt. First baseman throws the ball back to the pitcher who.... throws the ball into the dugout without requesting time first. It's a 2 base award, and both runners are awarded home. Those were the only runs the Volunteers scored...
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    Psssssssssst 2019

    Well, no, but a friend of mine was, and he mentioned how rainy it was and how empty the stadium was. My friend's initials are FnL.
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    Psssssssssst 2019

    And raining fairly hard.... Summoning memories of Devern Hansack.
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    The 13th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Jacob DeGrom[\b]
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    Red Sox Spring Training 2019: "It's Our Turn Now"

    That’s a relief. Nothing worse than a parent outliving one of their children. Blake Swihart’s mom posted something on Facebook. Have to think it’s related to this but the post was vague “our hearts are broken”. Maybe his dad or a sibling?
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    Let's Talk Exten$ions...

    Yes! Would JBJ agree to it? I wouldn’t if I was him.
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    2018-19 Offseason News, Rumors, Trades

    He’s a nobody who’s been the first to break big news before.
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    Jordan Procyshen

    No link, but heard from locals who know him well that he has signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers. Good luck in LA!
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    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2019

    AFC: HOU over IND LAC over BAL Div: LAC over KC HOU over NE (!) Conf: LAC NFC: CHI over PHI SEA over DAL Div: NO over SEA CHI over LAR Conf: CHI Super Bowl: LA Super Chargers 32 Da Bears 24 edit: forgot SB score