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    What does 2023 look like?

    He was obviously joking, and in the past he has said Kiké.
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    Spring Training 2023 Thread

    How many years in a row is this now him working on a new splitter
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    Dirty Water TV to possibly merge with Yinzer TV

    There is no chance the Pitt teams' actual games will be available in the Boston market and vice versa. Blackout rules.
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    2023 ST Game Thread

    Bradford has become unlistenable on twitter and the radio since he started trying making the 'basebll isn't boring' thing and thing
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

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    What are you looking forward to in ‘23?

    We know what they will do, get the best bat on the market for a prospect and no CBT money. Bloom has already done it in 2021.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Interesting comments at the end View:
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    Sox trade Franklin German to White Sox for Theo Denlinger RHP: Tatanka Time!

    His Double-A numbers (ERA) were skewed by 4 games in a row at the end of the season, he was very good the majority of his season.
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    Sox Sign Raimel Tapia

    Seems more likely to have got the Alfaro contract than an MLB contract. We shall see.
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Anyone that thinks the Red Sox raised their offer by 100 mil after January 2nd is a dotard. It's going to come out this was generally in place well before Christmas.
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    Washington Post: What are the Boston Red Sox doing?
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    So Eflin wanted to pitch in Florida and that was that
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    I would pay money to be able to filter out fansided, SI, nesn, yardbarker, and the like from Google News searches, all trash.
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    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    How many times can Marino Pepen advertise his instagram with nothing happening after until people stop posting his stuff. It's brutal. The guy just translates news from beat writers, and especially, the reporters in the Dominican.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    I mean, he got hurt sliding into first base covering. When he was starting he was hurt and yet still put up eye opening control and strikeouts numbers for a starting pitcher.
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    James Paxton exercises his $4 million option

    He was paid 5.8 last year and will be paid 4.2 this year. I don't know why people can't comprehend that he didn't receive 10 million last year.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    0% odds
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    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract Speier dips his toes into what's next