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  1. chief1

    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    Bloom inherited 27 year 0ld Mookie Betts, 27 year old Bogaerts, and 25 year old Benintendi. He turned them into Verdugo, Downs, Wong, Franchy Cordero, Winckowski, Grant Gambrell, De La Rosa, Valdez and a 4th round comp pick while still having to pay the luxury tax for a last place finish. You be...
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    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    Is anyone else really bothered by how Chaim handled the trade deadline now that X is gone? Didn't add anyone good either for the short term or long term. Didn't get under the cap. What was the plan if they were not going to go all out to sign X? Now they end up with a 4th round comp and paying...
  3. chief1

    Let's say BB stays on until he retires. What does that mean for the franchise?

    Were they not without two of their most important players? Swift and St Brown? Kinda makes a difference no?
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    Week 12 Gamethread

    That run defense will be a lot better once Jordan Davis returns. Just sayin.
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    In Chaim Do You Trust?

  6. chief1

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    what exactly is a "big time throw?"
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 @ Miami

    To make matters worse. Curran actually said he was late to a meeting. In fact he said slightly late. That is much different (and less egregious IMO), than actually missing or not showing up for the meeting.
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    Week 1 Pre-Game Thread: Miami

    Is this a bad sign for Myers health?
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    NFL: News and transactions

    For those wishing for Wynn to be traded... I could definitely see the Cowboys as apossibility now. Of course, it would still leave the Patriots with a very questionable offensive line tho.
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    Astros acquire Christian Vázquez for Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu.

    ESPN just reported Sox traded for Tommy Pharms Phams
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    Pats 2022 draft class

    Brandon Thorn of Inside the Pylon.
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    Pats 2022 draft class

    Serious question. If we are to value his prospect opinion, how are we to feel about drafting only one of his top 124 players, and even more so, drafting a wide receiver in round two who did not even make it onto his top 250?
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    Pats 2022 draft class

    Who cares? The bottom line is did you draft prospects that can play and help your team win? What good is winning the draft value chart if you dont improve the team in the draft?
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    Mocking you in 2022

    I would be doing back flips if they came away with this draft class! That is the best mock ive seen yet.
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    2022 Patriots free agency period

    Does the recent cost (both in trade value and contracts) for wide receivers change the way teams should value wide receivers? Its getting to the point where getting a top WR on a rookie deal is almost as valuable as getting a good QB on a rookie deal. 5 years on a rookie deal, and then even if...
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    Patriots trade for DeVante Parker

    r Right. At this point it's pretty much a lock they will be getting a 3rd for JCJ leaving. Plus, I think there is a very good possibility Mayo leaves for a top job which would give them 3rd round comps in both 2023 and 2024.
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    2022 Patriots free agency period

    They gave up TWO picks for him. A 5th and a 7th. They gave up more for Wade than they got in return for Mason.
  18. chief1

    2022 Fits

    I would love this scenario
  19. chief1

    2022 Fits

    I heard Renner of PFF on Pats podcast with Phil Perry saying he could see the Pats having to pull the trigger on Chanel at 21 because he probably wont last until 54.
  20. chief1

    2022 coaching carousel

    And draft Bryce Young #1 in 2023