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    RIP MikeF

    RIP to one of the originals. Sucks that my last two posts over the last few years were for remembrances of longtime SoSHers Stiffy and Mike F.
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    Between reading this for the last 10 minutes and the impromptu Facebook messenger discussion yesterday, it does conjure up a lot of thoughts. First and foremost, I will forever cherish the parade and post parade hangout with Stiffy and the crew. Not to mention the countless bashes and...
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    David Ortiz will retire at end of 2016 season.

    Some legends have come and gone over the last 10+ years, but this one induced a different reaction to me unlike the others. Maybe it's because he's the one constant throughout this run that really started in 2003, and hit bottom a few times and yet still through it all Ortiz basically has put up...
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    Heyman says Lackey/Corey Littrell to Cardinals for Kelly/Craig

    From a cold, hard baseball economics perspective, this was an ok return. Craig may or may not be a platoon OF/DH and they have in some ways morphed into the mid-80s Red Sox with a preference for RH OF bats, but they used to produce them in trade or develop them and have not since 1987.   From a...
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    Passan reporting Lester/Gomes to the A's for Cespedes

    Falls short of the "king's ransom" that was bandied about of late. I think they needed a RH OF with power and Cespedes was probably the best one, and I think Oakland can distort a guy's offense though I realize Cespedes' issues are discipline and not exactly the park. But, hitting in the middle...
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    Plympy's Ellsbury's Gone B*tch-a-thon - Post away!

    This discussion reminded me of a recent chart that showed salary committments out for the next 7 years.   2014: 151, .9% change from 2013 2015:   75  -51% 2016:   14   -82%   NYY are at $159 for 2016.   Maybe this is its own topic or too far off to get a lot of traction now, but how will they...
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    Remy returning to the booth

    If Jared's last name was Smith, I wonder if he's in jail right now but for assault and not murder. I get that Jerry feels enormous pain and guilt, but I am conflicted about this move. I'm kinda surprised the Sox are ok with this, but maybe they can't really do much about it, lest they look like...
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    Brady/Manning XV: AFC Championship Game

    On paper, I can't see the Patriots winning, but it seems like they've pulled out the games where popular opinion is against them. Beating Pitt and St. Louis in 2002, Indy in 2004, Pitt in 2005, San Diego 2007. I see Denver's offense and Manning's proficiency nad it worries me. Maybe the mystique...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    I was largely silent for much of the last 4 years but Game 3 was too egregious to ignore, but I think for a certain kind of team Farrell is perfect. And between he and Francona these are two of the coolest, nicest dudes to run a team and I feel like there's hope for Farrell. He won some points...
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    David Ortiz, Elder Batsman

    I see no reason he can't play 3 more years and probably add 75 more HRs to his resume. Would give him over 500 HRs and maybe 2,500 hits.   Feel like he and Schilling both get in if not in the first 3 years but at some point. Both get in as much for October as the overall resume. My guess is PED...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    It would have been very interesting if it was 1-1 and Lester's spot came up. From what I gather, sounds like Lester was staying in regardless. Like I said, it could have been one of those all-time debates given what was lurking in the pen with Rosenthal and Martinez to a lesser extent. Giving...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Has to get credit for using Lackey--they basically had no one else. Splitting two games with back-to-back 4 inning outings from the starters is pretty tough. At the same time, I'm of the opinion you can't worry about the next game and pulling an effective Doubront still was questionable at best...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    At what point do they just forget about using Breslow? He's been a complete mess out there, and tonight again can't throw a strike. Have to give kudos for going to Doubront and letting him get into the 7th, but Breslow's pretty much a gas can. Of course, who do you use in that situation?
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Yep, walk Jay allows you to pitch to Kozma and with Molina on 3B you could almost play the infield back or not quite so far in and get the lead runner, and also with Molina you can afford to play the outfield a little bit closer to normal. First base was open and the run meant nothing. Uehara...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Dempster is the first man? Oh boy...we're f*cked barring Clay dealing a miracle. St. Louis hits RHP very well; Ryan Dempster was horse-crap vs. RH hitters like Holliday, Molina, and even Freese. Maybe out of the pen he's more effective, but you can't expect a very effective multi-inning...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Have to think Morales as frightening as the prospect is, might need to be an early option given St. Louis' relative performance vs. LH. Doubront could go another 25-30 pitches I guess, but how many times has he had to come back after throwing 25 pitches like tonight? And what can you expect from...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    I'm surprised folks are ok with Uehara not starting the 9th. Managers that hold out their best reliever usually get grief. I can sort of live with it, and obviously once Workman hit, it's a non-starter, but if Workman gave up a HR to the first batter, I bet the outcry would be deafening. Having...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Yes, hope I never see a throw to 3B on a 50-50 play again. With Pete friggin Kozma on deck.   Having said that, why pitch to Jay with first base open and Pete Kozma due up?   There had to be some way to avoid having Workman bat, but yes, seems like a reliever short though when you get 4 innings...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Farrell seems out of his element managing in the NL.   They battled like hell to come back and were on the verge of getting blown out, but the 7th inning two games in a row was costly.   Not sure why they didn't walk Jay to load them for Kozma and the pitcher/pinch hitter.   Do they go to...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    No, sorry. I mean he's waiting in Game 5 even if the worst case scenario happens and they lose Games 3 and 4. Shouldn't have even written they'd lose both 3 and 4. I expect a split, but it's a minor comfort knowing they have a Game 5 starter who I think is ideally suited to beat this St. Louis...