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  1. Pandemonium67

    RIP Jim Brown

    No thread about Jim Brown is complete without this quote about BB from an interview some years ago. "Brown: I don't compare myself with anyone. Let me tell you about someone I do admire. Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots has contributed more to the work I surround myself with than any...
  2. Pandemonium67

    Game 7: Knowing More Than Who Our Parents Were

    Dumb shot at the end. With 10 seconds, that's the best they could do?
  3. Pandemonium67

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Also classic BB: hiring a guy no one's heard of who couldn't crack the starting lineup at Appalachian State and is working at a Zaxby's fast food joint. Jourdan Heilig could be our next special teams ace. No link because it's in The Athletic (and linked in the NYT).
  4. Pandemonium67

    Red Sox sign Masataka Yoshida

    Hit-by-pitch translates as 'dead ball.'
  5. Pandemonium67

    Game 4: Celtics@Philly

    They always wait too long.
  6. Pandemonium67

    2023 NFL Draft Official Game Thread (This is the thread WITH SPOILERS)

    I don't recommend reading @SMU_Sox. His stuff is so good you'll end up wishing like hell that the Pats draft about 17 guys you'd never heard of before and come away disappointed when they only get two of them. He's that good.
  7. Pandemonium67

    4/25- Glory Days?

    Just logged in and saw the score. Looks like Duran and Kluber chose the same game to finally become true Red Sox. Welcome aboard.
  8. Pandemonium67

    2023 NFL Draft Official Game Thread (This is the thread WITH SPOILERS)

    Fantastic, Brand Name! Joey, the dad, is about 5'4" and at least 250 lbs. His wife is shorter and heavier. Both are happy and smiley all the time, while their kid looks like a stone-cold killer -- which somewhat aligns with BB's draft history.
  9. Pandemonium67

    2023 NFL Draft Official Game Thread (This is the thread WITH SPOILERS)

    I've got the first breaking news of the 2023 draft. Please promise not to tell the Globe or anyone else. My exterminator, Joey, just came by for the annual spring nuking of the local ant population. He told me his son is now finishing his second semester at the New Mexico Military Institute...
  10. Pandemonium67

    2023 Pats: Offseason

    If there were no hyphen, a few posters here would be celebrating.
  11. Pandemonium67

    What does 2023 look like?

    I feel Q's pain. It's been an entire year and a half since the Sox were almost in the World Series.
  12. Pandemonium67

    Logan Mankins, Bill Parcells, and Mike Vrabel named 2023 Patriots HOF Finalists

    Welker also gets a ding for his footsie jokes about Rex, which led to his being benched for the first quarter of what was one of the worst losses of the entire dynasty. Though I blame BB for that. Overall, it seems that some are forgetting how incredible Welker was. And the dude was one of...
  13. Pandemonium67

    John Madden has passed away

    Maybe Brendan Fraser, who also has experience playing fat.
  14. Pandemonium67

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    Great game until that call. Really taints this game.
  15. Pandemonium67

    Tom Brady is retiring

    Two cool nuggets there: - After turning 33 TB threw more TDs than Marino threw in his entire career. - After turning 32 he played in more games than Elway played in his career.
  16. Pandemonium67

    Celebrating what is

    And they'd given up 0 points in the 4th quarter of like the previous 10 games. There were four of us and we just jumped up and down in the living room, kind of like Brady's celebration. I could watch Butler's pick for four straight hours, after which I'd need to call a doctor.
  17. Pandemonium67

    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    I so would've loved to see Cinci pull off an epic Ravens, Bills, Chiefs, Eagles quadrifecta.
  18. Pandemonium67

    NFL Playoffs - Championship Round

    Chiefs D >>>>>>> Bills D
  19. Pandemonium67

    Brady is back….back again

    And hopefully Judge will fix special teams, Bailey will come back healthy, and Folk will remain a hero.
  20. Pandemonium67

    Would you want Brady back?

    It all depends on how BB sees Mac. If he feels strongly Mac is not the one, get TB, see if Gronk can still cut it, and tell Slater and McCourty to lace 'em up one more season. Get the whole gang together for one last rodeo. Use your cap space and draft to get one serious WR weapon and rebuild...