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  1. Statman

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    Bird with the steal!
  2. Statman

    2023 NFL Draft Official Game Thread (This is the thread WITH SPOILERS)

    Shams must have just gotten and cease and desist from the NFL.
  3. Statman

    Celtics sign Joe Johnson

    ISO Joe is 40 years old and hasn't played in the NBA since 2018 because he can't run the length of the court anymore. Nevertheless, I am going to be tuned into tonight's game just to see him back in Celtics green!
  4. Statman

    Gameweek 1: New Season's Buzzing

    Why can't you do the same this season?
  5. Statman

    What’s rotten in Boston?

    Boston wanted Horford back, but just not at the amount that the Sixers threw at him ($100M over 4 years). It would have been foolish for Horford to NOT accept that offer and if you follow his siblings on Twitter, they all loved being in Boston so I assumed Al felt the same way.
  6. Statman

    July/August game thread

    Brewers decided not to play tonight against the Reds. View: Bob Nightengale @BNightengale Confirmed: The #Brewers have decided not to play tonight vs. the #Reds.
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    Kemba Walker to Boston

    Woj has no sources for the Celtics. He's notoriously wrong with it comes to the Celtics. For example, he posted this literally minutes before David Aldridge scooped him and announced that Horford was signing with the Celtics: In...
  8. Statman

    2019 Draft Megathread

    You still have to throw a body on them but Ainge drafted two guys who stacked on top of each other is the same size as Embiid. I just don’t don’t understand what Ainge has against bigs especially when mobile bigs light us.
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    2019 Draft Megathread

    Who the hell is going to guard Embiid or Giannis? Ainge is going to Ainge.
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    College Football - General Discussion

    The players signed up for a 13 game season (assuming the team makes a bowl game) and fans like you weren’t happy with the BCS so now they have to play one more game in the current system. Now the fans are bitching yet again and they want the players to play one more game. Just pay the...
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    College Football - General Discussion

    So what’s the point of even expanding to an eight team playoff if it’s only to satisfy those schools that can say we got in and got the honor of having Alabama drop 50 on us? This also ignores that the fact now that the players have to play yet another game. Who is going to pay for the...
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    Arsenal 2017-18: Au Revoir, Arsene

    I am going to laugh my ass off at the #WengerOut crowd when the Brendan Rodgers gets hired. Be careful what you wish for.
  13. Statman

    Greg Monroe(1 year, $5 million) to sign with the Celtics

    Baynes fits better with the starters where he doesn't have to score and can just focus on defense. Monroe is better coming off the bench with offensive savants Smart (career FG% .358) and Rozier (career FG% .368).
  14. Statman

    Blake Griffin traded to Detroit

    I don't feel bad for him at all. Only the Clippers could have offered him a fifth year at $38M. Those dollars will help alleviate any concerns he may have about living half the year in Detroit.
  15. Statman

    Blake Griffin traded to Detroit

    Clippers aren't done.
  16. Statman

    Blake Griffin traded to Detroit

    I get that, but why did they re-sign him only to trade him for a pu pu platter of suck?
  17. Statman

    2017 Celtics Offseason: News and General Discussion

    Adrian Wojnarowski‏Verified account @wojespn 4m4 minutes ago Marcus Smart and Celtics have been engaged in talks on extension today, sources say, but 6 PM ET deadline on a deal looms soon.
  18. Statman

    USMNT: To Rüssia With Love

    I will stop watching USMNT matches if another American MLS manager is hired. It's time to blow things up and hiring the same ass kissers (i.e., Arena) isn't going to improve the program at all.
  19. Statman

    Kyrie Irving traded to Celtics for IT, Crowder, Zizic, BKN 1st, 2020 2nd

    I bash Ainge a ton and I freely admit that I didn't like the trade when I first heard about its components. However, after learning that IT may miss more time than initially expected and coming to the realization that Ainge basically replaced the Nets pick with the LAL/SAC pick in next year's...