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  1. TheRealness

    Game 6 at Florida---Get the Job Done

    There is something about being human that seems to gravitationally direct us towards suffering. A pull towards despair that we find easier at times to succumb to. Like the slow pull towards a black hole, it feels hopeless and inevitable. It’s hard to push ourselves away from it. I find myself...
  2. TheRealness

    Round 1, Game 5 - Panthers at Bruins.

    Look Florida, we are never ever getting back together. Don’t blame me that your love story is at midnight rain. Blame your goaltending of a death by a thousand cuts.
  3. TheRealness

    Round 1, Game 4 - Bruins at Panthers.

    ‘Tis the daman season for us to have a place in this world. It may not be bad blood but it’s better than revenge. Let’s go up 3-1 so we can say bye bye baby in Game 5.
  4. TheRealness

    Round 1, Game 3 - Bruins at Panthers. For Papa Patrice.

    Would've, Could've, Should've. We could be up with the Midnight Rain whispering Sweet Nothings to our Bejeweled Anti-Hero. So, Question....? We know all too well who should lead us, and it is TSC and his aching hips. Lets do some vigilante shit and win this fucking game.
  5. TheRealness

    3/11 vs. Detroit

    First game for my kids (4 and 6) Today!
  6. TheRealness

    2022-23 Bruins Season

    Essensa seems to have had a lasting effect on Ullmark’s game. He is much more quiet in his movements and seems much more in control. That could also be a product of his familiarity with the team and his comfort level, but having quality goaltending helps when your team is pushing it in offense...
  7. TheRealness

    10/12 - We Doing This? @ Washington

    It sounds like actual torture.
  8. TheRealness

    The Bruins Are So Predictable

    1) points - 101 2) wins - 44 3) finish - 3rd in Northeast 4) playoffs (y/n) - Y 5) win round 1 (y/n) - Y 6) win round 2 (y/n) - N 7) win round 3 (y/n) - N 8) win round 4 (y/n) - N INDIVIDUAL 1) first goal - Pasta 2) first win (goalie. duh.) - Ullmark 3) first PPG - Pasta 4) first SHG - Bergeron...
  9. TheRealness

    10/12 - We Doing This? @ Washington

    Be gentle with TSC today. He just got his taint waxed for charity. Hopefully he's stopped throwing up by now from the pain.
  10. TheRealness

    2022-23 Europa League: Bumbling Towards Budapest

    He's got a muscle injury, per twitter. I don't have the link because I saw it over the weekend when he was out again.
  11. TheRealness

    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    Would really like to see Pulisic moved after Chelsea added Auba. He's just going to get further and further buried on the bench. Seems extremely unlikely to happen, and I would imagine any positive feelings Chelsea had with American Soccer are going to be torched by the way they are handling...
  12. TheRealness

    Americans Abroad 2022-23

    Five star call and I’m absolutely stealing this guys call forever and for all time.
  13. TheRealness

    MW 4 : August 27-28 Dog Days

    Another goal for Sargent as Norwich goes up 1-0.
  14. TheRealness

    Scottish Fitba 2022-23: Ain't That Always the Way

    Nice steal and assist by Malik Tillman (USMNT) there.
  15. TheRealness

    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window

    Some rumors on twitter Pulisic was not at training today. With Aubamayeng seeming destined for Chelsea, it seems they will move Pulisic. Maybe there is a deal in the works there? Really hoping for Juve, but Newcastle would be fine. If he goes to Man-U, that seems less than ideal. Some rumors...
  16. TheRealness

    World Juniors

    Riley Duran is playing for the US, and Locmelis is playing for Latvia.
  17. TheRealness

    2022 NHL Draft

    Could just be some loose Dyck parenting. Noah and Anita can be quite hard on their little Dycks.
  18. TheRealness

    2022 NHL Draft

    I wonder if Reid is Anita and Noah's son.
  19. TheRealness

    Chelsea 2022-23: Under New Ownership (And New Management)

    With all the rumors swirling around Sterling and Dembele to Chelsea, and now Lukaku to Inter on loan seemingly done, it appears Chelsea will forgo adding mid-field depth and CB depth they sorely need to be the first team in premier league history to start 11 wingers at the same time. I fear...
  20. TheRealness

    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Hello darkness my old friend….