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  1. mjm3773

    AFC Playoff Chase

    (Bills fan here) An analogous situation occurred in 2020. The Bills were locked into the 2 seed and played Miami, who, like NE this year, needed a win to make the playoffs. The starters essentially played the first half before giving way to the backups, up 28-6 at the time (eventually winning...
  2. mjm3773

    Dope Divisional NFL Game Thread

    He probably has injury guarantees and the Ravens don’t want to be on the hook for $5M just because their 3rd string RB gets hurt in sparse playing time since they’re likely to cut him in the offseason.
  3. mjm3773

    2020 NFL: Wk.15 Game Thread

    As a Bills fan, let me put it this way, until today, the Indianapolis Colts had won the AFC East more recently than the Bills.
  4. mjm3773

    Tottenham Hotspur 20/21: José se foi.

    Ultimately, with Antwerp beating Ludogorets, it didn’t matter whether Spurs got a win or a draw today. Either way, they still need a win against Antwerp in MD6 to get the top spot in the group. (But it was still a lackluster performance.)
  5. mjm3773

    2020 NFL: Wk.3 Game Thread

    I know most of you were probably watching the Pats game then, but that DPI in Buffalo was absolutely a makeup call for the BS that the refs gifted to the Rams earlier in the game.
  6. mjm3773

    2020 NFL Draft - Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread

    Yes, that's exactly the role he would've been projected for with the Bills. The other possible big nickel pick is Jeremy Chinn.
  7. mjm3773

    2020 NFL Draft - Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread

    As a Bills fan, I can tell you that Dugger was the target of a lot of the Bills' beat writers for their pick at 54, ideally to play "big nickel" in McDermott's scheme. I'm sure Belichick will make good use of him as a versatile defensive weapon.
  8. mjm3773

    NBA GOAT discussion

    An important thing to remember for Jordan with respect to these numbers is that his .427 and .374 came in 95-96 and 96-97, respectively, the last two of three years that the 3-point line was shortened from 23'9" to 22'. Take those years out and his top three years are .376, .352, and.312.
  9. mjm3773

    Curling: Not just during the Olympics

    For those still interested in curling even though the Olympics are over, the round robin portion of men’s and women”s US National Championships begin today at 4:30. The entire ever is schedule to be streamed on, although NBCSN may take over coverage of the playoffs. The schedule of...
  10. mjm3773

    Would he have made the Hall?

    In the same vein as Tony C., Dickie Thon. I have him as the best player in the NL in 1983, and 5 games into the 1984 season gets beaned in the head by Mike Torrez. He ends up playing another 9 seasons after that, but he was never the same player.
  11. mjm3773

    2017 Bills: The Sean McDermott Show

    Matthew Fairburn gives a better summary of why Whaley was fired now, as well as debunking a Jason LaConfora rumor from this morning
  12. mjm3773

    2017 Bills: The Sean McDermott Show

    Doug Whaley has been fired. (Will edit to more soon).
  13. mjm3773

    Hall of Fame Ballot for 2016 Enshrinement

    I feel like I've replied to this rant before, too, but I may as well do it again. To start off, they both clearly belong in the HoF. But if I had to order my ballot, I would put in Piazza before Bagwell. As to why, I think it is fairly unarguable that Piazza is clearly the greatest offensive...
  14. mjm3773

    Who's on your 2016 ballot

    In order: Bonds Clemens Piazza Bagwell Griffey Schilling Mussina Edmonds Sheffield Trammell I would also vote for Edgar, Walker, McGwire, Raines, Sosa and Kent if I could. Even after 4 were elected this year, there is still a huge backlog. Also, I don't get the McGriff love as compared to...
  15. mjm3773

    2015 Bills: Go Rex Go

    I think everyone knew Manuel was a project coming in. And I don't think the plan was to ever have him start last year. But then Kevin Kolb got concussed in the preseason and Manuel got thrown into the fire prematurely. Then this year, all the other QBs in camp flamed out worse than Manuel...
  16. mjm3773

    The 2015 MLB HOF Ballot Tracker

    They definitely both do deserve it. I was as much addressing Savin's post as yours to show that there is a very logical argument to putting Piazza ahead of Bagwell (as well as the arguments vice versa).
  17. mjm3773

    The 2015 MLB HOF Ballot Tracker

    A couple of things: 1. WAR is a counting stat. Because of the demands of the position, with the exception of the two Pudges, most catchers are effectively done around age 33-34. Dan Rosenhack over at the Hall of Merit at BTF researched the idea and found that over their careers, non-catcher...
  18. mjm3773

    The 2015 MLB HOF Ballot Tracker

    Quite frankly, that's a horrible excuse of a statistical reason to keep Biggio off the ballot. Because you know who has ZERO 200 hit seasons? Ted Williams! Although CHB might put him only in the HoVG, would anybody reasonably leave Ted out of the HoF? Of course not. Now, that being said, if...
  19. mjm3773

    the 2004 ALCS, ten years later

      I always felt Bellhorn was the one who got shafted for WS MVP.  He hit .300/.563/.700 compared to Manny's .412/.500/.588.  He also had the game-winning home run in Game 1 after the Cardinals had tied it the previous half-inning (the only time the WS was ever in any sort of doubt - IIRC, the...
  20. mjm3773

    2014 Buffalo Bills: Neckbeard to the rescue?!

    Per multiple reports, Sabres owner Terry Pegula has reached an agreement to purchase the Buffalo Bills pending League approval during the October owners' meetings.  Which means, the Bills are staying in Buffalo for the forseeable future.   Combined with the news that Jim Kelly is cancer-free and...