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  1. Dogman2

    2019 Stanley Cup Final - No Singing the Blues - Boston is Going Back to Backes

    What Flawless said. Bruins are up 2-1 in the finals. Let's enjoy this and welcome the new member.
  2. Dogman2

    4/30 Still F'in' A's

    I edited the thread title.
  3. Dogman2

    The Rosen Thread

    With Foles in Jacksonville with a big money deal, I think they should be off the list. I also think Denver filling their other major holes and riding Flacco for 2 years and Oakland doing basically the same, they have their guy and will wait a year to draft a QB.
  4. Dogman2

    2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Game Thread - No Spoilers

    "Woot, this dude is a stud". -Hambone
  5. Dogman2

    Round 1: Toronto Maple Leafs

    I'm in Boston from 4/18-4/23. Here's to hoping for a home game during that stretch. Haven't been to a B's game in 22 years.
  6. Dogman2

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Goodness, some brevity is in order. To moderate though, I will have a few beers. In moderation, of course.
  7. Dogman2

    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    Is it CHB's columns or this thread that give poopy mouth? You continue to highlight how strange you are, Theo. To be sure, you should send me an email about it though.
  8. Dogman2

    That'd be up the butt, Bob - Kraft Charged with Soliciting.

    Yeah, let's stay away from politics in this thread.
  9. Dogman2

    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    The hockey market here in Missoula has blossomed so much the last few years that it is a ton of fun to play as the small city feel (~75K residents) means tons of acquaintances and friends skate. There are 9 leagues now with 2 women only and the rest are co-ed so hockey is taking a center stage...
  10. Dogman2

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    I moved some posts to the Brady bankability thread. New threads are good.
  11. Dogman2

    Celebrating What Is

    Let's add to the discussion instead of posting memes or every thought that pops into your head. Thanks.
  12. Dogman2

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    I think this essentially means they all know McDaniels is the heir apparent and no reason not to get a shot as HC or coordinator elsewhere.
  13. Dogman2

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    I really hope that person feels it was worth it now that they have been.... Wait for it... sacked.
  14. Dogman2

    Celebrating What Is

    Gronk and Hogan are coughing in the video too. Perhaps Wise passed his illness throughout the team.
  15. Dogman2

    Sony Michel R1 #31 RB Georgia

    He was also out there on the final KO when Patterson ran it back to the 35. KC took him out of the game and made Brady throw downfield.
  16. Dogman2

    AFCCG: Pats at Chiefs Buildup

    Not even close to clever. Be better than this. Be much better than this. Fast.
  17. Dogman2

    AFCCG: Pats at Chiefs Buildup

    Can you please do the board a favor and keep the posting in this thread about the AFCCG this weekend instead of your problems with the Chief's internet boards and deflated footballs? Thanks.