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    Round 1 - Florida

    How do you go from coach of the year to chump of the year in six games? Toss everything into a blender, forget what got you here, stick by SloMoFoBo no matter how many failed clears and wear out a shaky Ullmark ...
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    Round 1, Game 5 - Panthers at Bruins.

    #88 is clearly lost. I'd stick him back with Bergie and Marchand and leave him there for the rest of this series. Freddie back in with Coyle/Hall. DeBrusk/Zach/Bert. Lauko/Nosek/Hathaway. Gryz back with Mac; Orlov and Cliffie. SlowMoFoBo to the moon baby, to the moon.
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    Round 1, Game 5 - Panthers at Bruins.

    Save us Lord from Derek Forbort
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    Bs Playoff Roster, Usage

    Is anyone else worried about Pastrnak? He's always been a turnover machine at the blue line but now he seems to be behind the play frequently and is looking to pass instead of shoot. Are the Panthers in his head or are they collapsing their D to cut off all his shooting angles?
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    2022-23 Bruins Season

    Bertuzzi has such great hockey sense and always seems to be in the right place at the right time - all the while looking like the slowest skater on the ice. He also appears to be one of the best passers on the team.
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    3/19 @ Buffalo

    Really liking Lauko's game. His speed and tenacity are adding another dimension to the fourth line. He's going to play a lot of hockey in a B's sweater next year. Could eventually be a third liner.
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    (Approaching the) Trade Deadline Thread

    Trader Donnie hasn't made too many bad trades and I just can't see him shucking out a first and third (esp. in this draft) for Forbort 2.0. It makes no sense whatever. On top of that, rumors are that he doesn't want to negotiate and is intent on going to free agency this summer. I know this is...
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    January NHL News

    I was at the game Saturday night in Vancouver. The Canucks fans in the crowd, and they were barely half or so it seemed, were chanting for Bruce all night long when they weren't trying to shout down the Oilers crowd.. I finally had to ask some guy the origins of the "there it is" thing. It sure...
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    2022-23 Bruins Season

    That looks pretty solid, though I would rather see Lauko on that fourth line. And maybe you can get Vancouver to add Luke Schenn in that trade for Carlo and whatever else it takes - and therein lies the rub. I don't think they are going to want the stuff we want them to take and I don't think...