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  1. PBDWake

    SportsCenter & OTL Bringing Back Spygate (live, 9AM)

    Perhaps the most embarrassing part of an article full of it is the implication that because Specter opened the investigation in late 2008, and Donald Trump stopped contributing to him after 2008, that this was the reason. There's no mention of any other reason why Trump may have stopped his...
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    Grade the Pats Draft: How Did BB/Nike Do?

    This is where I'm at, actually. If he's a guy who can put out numbers close to Jimmy G numbers, this is a massive 5 year game changer. I think a lot of people got used to a lot of things in the Brady era, but one of the things that was understated was not having a cap killer in the QB slot. A...
  3. PBDWake

    Super Bowl LV: What is Your Current Rooting Interest?

    This is where I was. I think it would have been a great story for the Bills to breathe a sigh of relief that Brady was finally gone, take advantage and win the division, then make the Super Bowl and he's there, looming, as the end boss. No matter which way it ends up (Tom coming back to make...
  4. PBDWake

    Justin Turner and COVID

    How many day to day employees of MLB and staff are on that field without any knowledge of Turner's positive test? What about the Rays organization? The umpires? There shouldn't be a union present last night that lets MLB get past this without massive penalties for the Dodgers, and MLB should eat...
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    Gone Brady Gone

    Some of these takes are fucking baffling to me. If there is one person to be mad at, it's Father Time. Beyond that, forget it. We finally hit the breakpoint where the priorities of the team and the player diverged enough to cause a split. It's nobody's fault. Why is it Brady's obligation to take...
  6. PBDWake

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Actually, yes these days. I haven't touched WEEI and Sports Hub for anything other than game broadcasts in 2 years, and it's been the happiest sports period (non championship edition) of my life. Podcasts and streaming radio is a hell of an innovation, and you can curate your experience however...
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Hey, don't sell them short. They're just as good at being sexist, homophobic, and islamophobic.
  8. PBDWake

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Thank god for this, otherwise how would I have known g0dpenis's reaction to this national tragedy?
  9. PBDWake

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    As much as I love the sentiment, I can't help but laugh at the first "Remember when you blew that lead" being posted by someone with a Golden State Warriors avatar.
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    I don't like Jemele Hill professionally, but I can't stand Minihane, both personally and professionally. It feels weird to pull for Hill.
  11. PBDWake

    Bob Hohler runs ad on Brady's charity endeavors

    The problem is that this "story" is all in the presentation, and this piece is clearly designed to drag Brady through the mud. If this was presented as (not that this would ever be a story that would make it to print) the following, people would have no problem with it: "Best Buddies came to...
  12. PBDWake

    Pearl Jammin' with Grandpa, the Bill Simmons Thread

    I think the most Simmons way to go about it would be to wait for the ASB, write a retro-preview for the American League where he takes a particularly noticeable shot at Team X for signing "Injury Prone" Player 1 (1 DL stint for a pulled hammy in the last 3 years) who now needs Tommy John, then...
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    Big Discounts on Celtics Team Shop

    That sale is insanely good. My dad's birthday is coming up and I picked this up for him Almost 70% off
  14. PBDWake

    Penn State AD and Sandusky Charged

    Depressing. Probably another case of the abused becoming the abuser. I hope help can be provided for the child for both his own sake and so the cycle doesn't repeat.
  15. PBDWake

    F**k you, Deflategate

    This, times a thousand. Sports is one of those things that has a way of putting blinders on people. I always have a laugh because I know a lot of people who berate Trump and other Rs for latching on to the one "scientist" in a sea of scientists ignoring the weather data and proclaiming climate...
  16. PBDWake

    Rex Ryan: Now the best goddamn commentator you'll ever see

    I'm sure he'll entertain a huge portion of their audience, he'll say something absurd once I month I see mentioned here or other places I actually frequent, and like I do with the rest of that network, I'll never bother to tune in to the bragging and bloviating of a coach who proved time and...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 8 @ Buffalo

    A fan in Buffalo threw a dildo on to the field
  18. PBDWake

    Mort had Stage 4 Throat Cancer; Cheatriots fans whine some more

    Like many others have said, the thing I hold against him is that he either refuses to accept any responsibility or doesn't understand why his specific reporting was relevant and take any responsibility. He thinks that since they were still "significantly underinflated" that the numbers are...
  19. PBDWake

    Papi vs. Brady

    For me it's probably going to be Brady, at least pending another ring. Part of it is the respective sports. For me, baseball and Papi have kept him present during a much larger portion of my day to day life than Brady. I've fully felt the entire tenure of Papi's career arc with the Red Sox, and...