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  1. circus catch

    Sox Sign Raimel Tapia

    Given that Tapia had a positive WAR in over 400 plate appearances, it seems to me we might be underselling him. Duran is younger but he was atrocious, and I certainly don't want to give him 400 at bats. I see this as Duran possibly moved.
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    Red Sox sign Justin Turner

    Agreed. Starting to smile.
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    Red Sox sign Justin Turner

    Nice to see with Verdugo and Refsnyder. Hope Pham gets a shot some place.
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    Red Sox sign Justin Turner

    Fangraphs Steamer Projections 2023 wRC+ 124 Casas 122 Bogaerts 115 Turner 113 JD And then there's Yoshida. And the bullpen is better. Sign Eovaldi and maybe another starter, and we're going to be ok.
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    American Horror Story - 2023 Red Sox Lineup

    You're right in that Kike is not a "strong offensive player", but his projected wRC+ is 97. His OPS against lefties for his career is .822. In this lineup that has real value. Not to mention he solidifies the outfield defensively. He's worth more to the 23 team than JD would be. So that's where...
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    American Horror Story - 2023 Red Sox Lineup

    Projected wRC+ on fangraphs: Casas 124 Bogaerts 122 JD 109 They don't have one for Yoshida yet but if the prediction above is correct, Yoshia's wRC+ will certainly be over 100. We all love Bogaerts for his cool, his intelligence, his durability, his class, and his history with us, but it's not...
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    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    I like this deal. A heavy investment in the bullpen, after all of the games they blew last year, was warranted. I'm guessing now they will turn to the lineup. At least, they better.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Lol delete it? If you consider it insensitive, sorry, but I'm living it. I'm not in the path of this hurricane thankfully, but I've had two days of work cancelled, and two tornado alerts already where we had to hide in an interior room. I have friends and relatives on the west coast of Florida...
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Totally agree, and on top of that, I'm sure the park is insured. I'm not concerned about the money, and I know I'm jumping the gun. Just saying there could be significant damage, and it could impact spring training. Not necessarily likely, but its out there.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    I'm not seeing this mentioned anywhere, but my primary concern for 2023 today is the Red Sox Spring Training Site. Right now, it looks like the eye wall of Category 4 Hurricane Ian is heading straight for the left field wall at Jet Blue Park. I get it that the primary concern is the people of Ft...
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    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

    Agreed, but seeing they probably don't have JD either, Pham might not be out of a job.
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    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

    Who are the three outfielders better than Pham? I think he starts from day 1.
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    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

    I think that given the state of the outfield, bringing in a league average outfielder makes sense. The option is interesting. Put some hitters around him and he might hit a bit. He had a .780 OPS a month ago.
  14. circus catch

    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

    Duran, JBJ, Cordero AND Verdugo all have negative WAR on baseball reference. Pham is at O.6. A lot of people are complaining, but Pham might just be our best outfielder.
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    Astros acquire Christian Vázquez for Enmanuel Valdez and Wilyer Abreu.

    Vazquez, Diekman, and a PTBNL for Pham, McGuire, Valdez, and Abreu. If you cut out the sentimental part, that's a a deal to make. It's been a good day so far.
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    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    Not to mention, we traded Moncada, Kopech, and others for two years of Sale and the hope we could re-sign him. Now that is fulfilled.
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    Don Baylor dies at 68

    This is a confessional. When the Sox lost in 78, I was done. I couldn't stand it anymore. I loved baseball, and was looking for a harmless way to enjoy the game, and wound up rooting for the Mets, who at the time were a 60-win team, and part of my cable package every night. No risk of emotions...
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    Celtics 16/17 Roster and Assets

    Very pleased with this. I was concerned about there being no real replacement for Evan Turner. Would still like to see another veteran who can distribute. There's still an overeliance on kids to back up the guard spots.
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    Dombrowski: SP likely from FA. Which should we sign?

    I think Greinke is staying NL because he loves to hit. I truly respect Price and he's certainly proven in the AL, but I've seen him as something of a whiner, and given his playoff history, I'm not sure his act will play with our fans and media. This brings me to Cueto, and while I don't see him...
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    Sox get Kimbrel

    I like the idea, but something that I think everyone here can appreciate. Nobody in the Sox organization leaked anything in this deal.