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  1. Mystic Merlin

    Pats OTA Notes & Discussion

    There has been some disagreement expressed (see: Harbaugh, Reid) about whether it’ll actually reduce problematic hits, as NFL kickers are so good that the premise - based entirely on college data - that fewer kicks will be returned isn’t a slam dunk. I guess we will see. As for Slater, his...
  2. Mystic Merlin

    Bob Myers stepping down as Warriors GM

    And ‘signed Kevin Durant’ with found money? Who wouldn’t have tried to sign him with that new cap space that was the product of the one-time skyrocketing cap event?
  3. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Bruins and Celtics really did us proud! What an utter fail to have neither team even get to the championship round.
  4. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Yeah, uh, I think Tatum is actually hurt?
  5. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    They’ll wear this heavily around their necks, and it’s hard to think this core can win a title at this point.
  6. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    What a disappointment. They’re not even in this game.
  7. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Score aside I’m fucking worried. They weren’t hitting shots and now they simply aren’t getting shots
  8. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    This is a fucking nightmare on offense
  9. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Are they really gonna shoot like this again?
  10. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Celtics aren’t getting good looks from three so far
  11. Mystic Merlin

    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Jesus Christ that ‘Jitterbug’ commercial. Kill me now
  12. Mystic Merlin

    When to get excited?

    Love it. Even reading a family chat text about my cousin’s son texting his grandmother/my aunt about White’s putback was a thrill. A new generation gets to savor the thrill.
  13. Mystic Merlin

    The Alternate Universe

    Was just coming to post something like this. When do we do the 2004 ALCS?
  14. Mystic Merlin

    John Madden has passed away

    Too bad they didn’t make this in the early 90s with John Candy starring.
  15. Mystic Merlin

    NFL: News and transactions

    Good info, thanks!
  16. Mystic Merlin

    NFL: News and transactions

    Actually, teams can generally release up to two players before June 2nd with a ‘post-June 1st’ designation. It’s an accounting fiction that lets a team spread the dead money over two years -effective on June 2nd - while letting a player hit the market earlier. Usually teams use the designation...
  17. Mystic Merlin

    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    They all immediately went to sleep after this video, exhausted from faking it.
  18. Mystic Merlin

    Off-day Sacrilegious Poll: Who would you trade Tatum for?

    I was on the fence with Giannis because of his unpolished offensive game and amazing defensive talent. Jokic is the only player I could bring myself to pick. Picking Embiid (conditioning/age) or Luka (defense, off ball play) seems nuts to me.