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    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    I felt guilty eulogizing this team after game 3, but that's karma. I turned the game on when it was 56-66 and just had a bad feeling about it. To add to my thoughts from after that game: 1. I think the Celtics are going to ask around for someone like Budenholzer and that is going to end up...
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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    After enjoying this team so much during the regular season, I have to say I am pretty disappointed with all this. In no particular order: 1. I want to like Mazzulla, but I have to wonder if he is part of the problem. After the Udoka situation I am sure the team was kicking themselves for losing...
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    The Process: Philadelphia 76ers (2013 to 2023)

    I can't get enough of The Process, I find it fascinating. One of the issues that the 76ers front office had, and someone on this board alluded to, is that they just weren't great with evaluating or developing talent (with some exceptions obviously - I really like Maxey). The average sports fan...
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    Doc Rivers fired as 76ers coach

    I agree. Kyrie got the exact opportunity he wanted (be the alpha on a playoff team) and unfortunately, failed miserably at it. There was no way of knowing at the time it would pan out that way, since he never got the opportunity. What's even crazier, Brooklyn should have been perfect for him -...
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    Doc Rivers fired as 76ers coach

    I don't have anything against Rivers personally, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has a tougher time finding work. That championship on his resume was 15 years ago and had a team with 3 hall of famers. Since then he has taken veteran, championship-aspiring squads and underachieved in the...
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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    I was thrilled when the Cs got Atlanta in round 1, in small part because I wanted the Hawks but moreso because the Heat legit scare me. Jimmy Buckets always plays hard and then has 2-3 games where he just goes off, Adebayo (who tends to disappear at other times in the year) always shows up for...
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    Celtics vs 76ers, Round 2 Discussion

    IIRC, they got the Kings pick for that and at the time I was thrilled because the Kings were always awful. Then of course the one year that the Cs got their pick, the Kings actually had a relatively good year and played their way to the back-end of the lottery. Maybe if history had held the Cs...
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    It's the quarter mark. Where are we at?

    I'm still not a Bloom fan and I don't think this model (horrific starting pitching based on injury-prone short term vets and some rookies combined with insane offense) is sustainable, but credit where its due: this team is a lot better than I expected. I thought they would be a bottom 5 team...
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    Game 7: Knowing More Than Who Our Parents Were

    Doc seems like a nice guy outside of basketball and I have no real ill will towards him, but my own take for not liking Doc is threefold: 1. He signed a contract extension in Boston knowing full well that part of that contract would include a re-build of the team. Allen/Garnett/Pierce, even if...
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    Celtics vs 76ers, Round 2 Discussion

    Dispiriting loss, especially after the nice comeback. Still optimistic, but I said the same thing with the Bruins.
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    Round 1 - Florida

    Hi all - no idea where else to post my feelings, so going with this forum. I didn't watch games 6 or 7; I was naively hoping I could just wake up and see they won without having to go through the ups and downs of watching. I have no idea what went wrong with this team (playing Forbort, Ullmark...
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    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    Fair. That draft was a blur to me for some reason, probably because I didn't have an opinion about Easley one way or another.
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    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    This might be a bit revisionist, but I thought at the time Easley was considered a bit of a steal. I vaguely recall that Seattle traded back once the Pats picked him since that was the guy Seattle wanted.
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    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    Replacing Mills with Gonzalez is such a massive upgrade. I actually forgot they re-signed Mills and the whisper at the time was moving him to FS. I am totally okay with this.
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    Pats Round1 Pick #17: CB Christian "The Steal" Gonzalez

    I'm usually in line to bash the Pats picks of late, but I am actually thrilled with this one. And to get an extra 4th rounder too? Awesome. I have no idea how 2 RBs and Forbes were drafted ahead him.
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    Celtics vs Hawks, Round 1 Discussion

    Dispiriting, but not crushing loss here. The miracle heave by Trae happens and it is what it is, but I still think the Celtics are the better team. My own casual take on the end of the game last night is that they started trying to get too cute trying to make highlight plays, failed, got tight...
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    2023 Jets: Rodgers wants to fly like a Jet

    Rodgers makes the Jets better and possibly even extremely good, but I still don't see them beating the Bills in the AFC East or even the Dolphins really. He'll beat up on the Pats (especially when Belichick trades out of the first round this year to draft 2 safeties in the second round from DIII...
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    Celtics vs Hawks, Round 1 Discussion

    I honestly can't get too worked up over them losing a playoff game to the Hawks. It was the first home game in Atlanta after the Celtics did a number on them in Boston, of course they were going to come out swinging and they caught fire for a game. Then the Celtics came right back and beat them...
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    Round 1, Game 3 - Bruins at Panthers. For Papa Patrice.

    Call it hubris, but this team has had solid depth all year *exactly* for moments like this. I am optimistic the Bs will pull out a win tonight.