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  1. 5dice

    Round 6 • Pick 15 (192) • P Bryce Baringer

    This guy has battled his way here:
  2. 5dice

    Game 2: Panthers @ Bruins

    He has some broad shoulders for sure, and yes, nice. Seems like he gets this from B’s fans a lot. Crazy to think 8 years here, 8 elsewhere by now.
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    Game 2: Panthers @ Bruins

    Met Looch today in Costa Rica on vacation. That is a good sign for optimism.
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    Round 1 - Florida

    I disagree with 100% of the hundreds of meaningless things you post hundreds of days per year. I haven’t had much to add to this message board over 20+ years as a passive reader, but just give it a rest on this subject. There is no benefit to Patrice Bergeron missing any games in any playoff series.
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    2022-23 Bruins Season

    Assuming that Foligno can go for the playoffs, who is the odd man out? I would hate for it to be Frederic, but Nosek is too valuable as a PK guy and D zone faceoff guy, and Freddy while technically a C has been good as a wing. It would be a shame to lose his bottom 6 scoring and of course, grit...
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    3/9 v. Oilers

    New PP1 is Orlov, Pasta, Bergeron, Marchand, Debrusk New PP2 is McAvoy, Lindholm, Bertuzzi, Krecji, Zacha Per Fluto/Athletic
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    3/9 v. Oilers

    Hopefully 5 days of rest and new PP alignment and practice will be paying off.
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    (Approaching the) Trade Deadline Thread

    Let a Leafs push to be better give them a prayer to beat TB in round 1, which still seems unlikely.
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    Joe Mazzulla, come on down.

    Maybe only during the so angry and disinterested that it’s cringeworthy/awkward interviews.
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    Bruins @ Lightning

    This Tampa team is tough at home, pedestrian on the road. Only 4 regulation losses at Amalie all year including the last Bruins matchup that Boston won 5-3 on 11/21. Should be a good one as always with these teams.
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    2022 Bruins Camps

    What do we think the odds Lysell sticks straight out of camp are? Might be a good time to try it with Marchand out (and a need to replace some scoring) and push another forward stiff off the depth chart.
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    Pats Draft Rd.4/120: RB Rhamondre Stevenson

    Sounds like Strong could be that guy, but they have a history of sometimes redshirting the position. Last week’s Sunday Reiss takes a deep dive on him, his top combine speed, good hands and experience in blitz pickup, the real key to being trustable in that role.
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    Patriots-Bills Discussion

    We need a Buchholz filter for this guy’s last name. Dugger.
  14. 5dice

    Krafts are closing off the open end of Gillette

    I guess we’ll need a new meet at halftime spot.
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    Couldn’t ask for a more legit test in the next month.
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    Celebrating what is

    I always felt like he knew it was over, but had been hamming it up and overdramatic, being miked up all game, so why stop then. Talking about winning it for Brady’s mom, etc…
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    AFC playoff chase 2021

    Thanks Captain Obvious! As a team that didn’t seem like a playoff team at all for awhile, things are looking up. Let’s play those same Bills that lost to Jax yesterday 2 times and see how those go first.
  18. 5dice

    Dolphins: Year Tua

    Never forget 12/9/18.